Expert Answer :Analyzing Research 2


Solved by verified expert:Review the sample research article on parent involvement by Deslandes and Bertrand (2005) at the end of Chapter 1 again. Answer the following questions:The authors mention the purpose and research question guiding the study as follows: “To examine how the four psychological constructs influence parent-involvement decisions across the three secondary grade levels, we posed the following research question: What are the relative contributions of parents’ role constructions, self-efficacy, perceptions of teacher invitations, and perceptions of adolescent invitations to predict parent involvement at home and at school in Grades 7, 8, and 9?” Critique this purpose statement by identifying at least four elements that go into a good quantitative purpose statement. The authors mention the following in paragraph 18, about the variable, “parents’ role:” “Parents role construction…We used a construct that comprised 10 items (alpha=.72) that measure behaviors that are parent focused, school focused, and mainly partnership focused in accordance with the adolescents’ education.” What important information is missing in this discussion that would indicate that the variable is a good one to use?Review the sample research article on the mothers’ trust in school principals study (Shelden et al., 2010) at the end of Chapter 1 again, and answer the following question:The authors advance in paragraph 14 the question: “What are the perspectives of mothers of children with disabilities on trust in school principals?” What is the central phenomenon being explored in this study that can be gleaned from this question?Textbook for APA reference: Creswell, J. (2015). Educational Research:
Planning, conducting, and evaluating quantitative and qualitative research.
(5th ed.). Pearson, Publishing. ISBN 13:9780133549645


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Expert Answer :Analyzing Research 2
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CHAPTIiR 1 77,(リ,竹)CeSS (/‘c‘b′7dL′C子l聴R`t$C,aI℃h tV聴g肌用侶C/′′と)C) 。′l`l Qualita[iL)C, 4伸roach(誓

言小出融di′l揮e踊′て克A Q胴lit億tive Study
In the Pearson etext) Click here to answer questions about the study. When you
Submit your answers, yOu’ll receive expert feedback.
SchooI Principais′ inf看uence on Trust:
Perspectives of Mothers of Children with Disab冊ies
Deb1・乞1 L S賞「d(1en
I血しIreen E Ange=
Julia B. Stoncr
Bi11 D Roseland
勅(, a初ho/S eI/ゆIり,e`I a qlla初atlt-`)手でSeaγCh `海面to叫,Io′でl割l`やqf tγぴt i1つ方m砂ヤγ(ゾ之がtOI7al
J’()/‘/[/C用Sb小777quやC’C/布aI〈t,jbc裾`,C/ on rhe mt研て) (/ I′雄t be/‘‘'(・〔,′7 ′nO子herJ Q/cbilcIIt,77短子h (諒-
ab//ltleS 。桁l +Ch○○/pl所`、碑応A彫恒,S `f Ihc mOt加′子′.`華O俗CJ子の.佃ce-tOJdCC’i7タ子erZ’/C,//一q椎St/0研
)リ・,偽c7 ′u)のPr肋aり, C〃/`魯)タイcas ′て在/Ie`i子o Ihc’,r pC’,や(・`’/’‘'(ヾ ,て腎‘′t///7g pγin率)als佃/ p(〕ItJOnal #彫/
pIて)佃s10I7a//)I朝C牢)a/ 。l朽butes c彫/ (りprl′JC印I 。c[,の’,‘ヾ即Ihl/l (hc, (,d〃Ca[タ0n tリ厨em、初子h stuc/c,硬.
研(l面h面`l`)座、佃I行方c,S 5’初。a鷹Or硲紺CrC, dez,C,/(華(l /ha!互′●ther ・Ie柄7C)a子e・わhc γ沈7t7O硲I,郷
par1タC卸i7証had即lI) /Ile pI子”C所壷Q声bezr ch,ldru一〔 (,C布cati()硝`/ PrC智者aInS. Tbe 。在hc,7了a(l(/Itt5∫
iI77plicatiの77J.ルγ SChor,/ k,a`ic),㌶7少。 nd Ihe ・諦ablish用`所(ク/‘ t′ ̄lL`訂〃一Ort砂,f7m砂ウγ(非買l。nal It’/初()乱
読かCxpC’。i(7伊a高hay JI7apaCt /hc} hZ↑eS Q/高z/dents 。彫/,佃Im′/心”用eed QrやC,CZal cd〃CatZOn SZ仰0γt
Key Ⅵ’O「d、 r)arentS Of children “’1th dlSabilltleS. SC`hool r)rincl申ls. trust
Parents are me‘‘n=O be mClしIded as fしmdamental partlCIP:lntS m edし一CatlOnal o「ganizatlOm De- (Ol)
Cades of research have sしIr)r)O「tCd the role of parent m‘-Ol¥-C}men白n po5itive edし一CatlOnal oしItCOmeS
for stしl〔lents (Cola「しISSO & O’RoしIrke, 2007; Fre細bcrg, 2006) Reccnt legal mandates requl「e t‘ChooI
SyStem5 tO engage r)a「entS m meanlngful ways. The No Chlld Lch Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB, 2002)
Calls for s。hooI sy柾ms to fac11itate parent lnVOlヽ▼ement (Kellcr, 2006) and the Individuals with Dis-
abilltlCS Education Improvement Ac`t (IDEIA‘ 2004) mand・`tC← l arontal lnVOIvemen白n即at’r)eCtS
Of asse蔦mCnt ‘lnd ser‘▼lCe dellVery for students who recel、C Sr)eClal edしICatlOn ouPPOrt (Fletcher,
Coし11ter’Reschl)∴ & ¥なughn` 2004) In llght o白hese legzll mこmdates and underlymg fundmlental
Princir)les of family-SChool relatlOnSh〇匹truSt between r)打entS and edしICatlOnal professl()mls has
emerged as a critical factor (Bry「k & Schneidcr, 2003′ Dし冊t㌧丁。hamOn, Rounds, Trivette, & Hamhy,
1992) Trust l丁ray lnfluence stし一dent ;lChievemen=)eCaしISe Of its role in establishlng an〔l mamtalnlng
COllahoratlVe rehtlOnShir)5 he巾▼een home and school「 and trししSt may Shape parents` am〔しIdes toW乙Ird
edしIC乙ItlOnal systems an〔1 1nfluence thelr engagement ln thelr Children[ edしICational progra1丁1S (DしmSt
et∴正Tschannen-Moran, 2004) Bryk and Schnelder ft)しmd that “帯nOt Only trし1St aSSOClated wlth
g「C‘1ter galm ln StしIdcnt lChie、▼ement, bし事t Zll5O With longcr lastmg g種ins in 。ChleVement
ConseqしIently・ nOt Onl〉膏trし15t hetween r)こIrentS an‘l cducation r)rOfessIOn症neces甲y for effec- (02)
tlVe r)artner血ips stlPし11uted by le即l mandates「 hしIt also言Ind more lmPOrtan〔1y言t appell「ヽ tO haヽ▼eこI
POSlt上Ve effoct on stし1dent oしItCOmet,, and it 18 the StしIdent=hemsel¥▼cS Vtho llre the trし1e l)eneficillrleS
()「 t重-し1血ng l-し恒10n油単bet、、▼eし当1甲-重・en亡S出「しi c←山ぐ虹1(m Pr。缶sぶl()nこし1、 H()Ⅵ′e、叫1f t「し-→白い出しlこ高1c t()
r)urentS, tea。hers, an‘l stしIdent+ lt lS mCし一皿l→ent On Sぐh()OI prm‘`ipこ1ls to foste「 lt, maln面n it, and cx-
emr)lify trしIt,ting relatl()n5hips v加工‘ll Irarents, indしl‘llng ParentS Of children wlth dis症illties. Indeed,
血St lS一、mCreaSingly 「ecogmZ賞上rs n crltlC証clement o「 1eadershlP’1 (Tsch乙`men-Moran, 2003, P 162)
an‘=he lelldership ()f whooIs` the r)rmC甲ls, mし一Stしmderstand their vit乙江roIc m CSt州iuhlng trし一、t・
Cop)▼rlght ()「-丁oし1rnこIl ()「 Eし1しIC油()m白くese‘lr‘`l川[lle P「()PCr[y of T理工or & Franc15 I・t‘上‘nd lt5 C.Ontent mZly n。t be
‘`OPle‘l or um用e。 to mし一ItlPle両c…- POSted to吊lthelV With()し一同博‘()Pyrlght hoIders exr)lC、S “▼rl[ten pc「mlSSIOn H()WC、rer,しISert=llay PrmL d()¥¥’nlo:ld、 ()1’e-m批I掴ll、Ies for mdlVld mlし1Se

A`/有高C()′一′a卵′’‘/`,′’C(ノrC, De柄,仁的c,/(/c′l・ 〃//,10′S `初‘, thl’一e′中1・, /)少a′・I′′刷[ 0/’やC,C面]謝cat,0′’. C初′坤∫
B()・¥-テ91″高)I男I(// 〃 67 790-5’9]() ff臆Im/l/ /休h〔沈/@l面白,CI//)
lIA】¥T 1
4n II柄・()(最c(/(用/O Fcll/C(〃/0/l(// R(ノヾ()(件Ch
Mnny defimtl()m O白rしIt`t 。ⅩlSt m山e llte印しIl-し・ In thcl‖e、アユe、¥’()=1tel項川で()n tl ̄し一、口l()¥ ilnd

Tsch乙mnen-Morlm (1999) foし1nd 16 dd‘mltl()m O白…ヽt Thcy ldentl「1。d f八’e f乱し事()「 trしl`=し血cteしl
ln thc点正二defmlt10m. 1ndしIdlng l)eneV・()iencc, reli点)1ll時│O叫うelcl「CC. h()nC、小二…(l ()PCm。、、 I涌ed
on th()母f乙ICetS ()白rし1吋Hoy uml T≠l高men高lo間中-rOP()`。d tI面tl-しIu白、 thn mdIVidしul¥ ol ̄汁()し1P¥
Willingne5S tO hc∴¥′しIherll帆当() │n()thcr甲時b.1t`Cd on =lC 。On[1dし冊、│‘ tlI証血‘ l:しtte=)証¥’1ヽ
bcncヽ「Olom. rell証1c、 COmr)dし画工hoI「。、同n‘1 。r)ell ‘ (r) 189) Il「血← dr丁ml[l()n. thC¥しl`ul症h。しl ¥し正
nera十)1llty描11 Pre‘し冊Or tO出し当「eed f()出しIst. Th‘当1l’eし川高tl‘し一、=’e、t、 ()ll両c l’c。(骨11血)n O=11叫)○○
〔entlal f()r l)Ctrayfll ur h川丁=…1同n()〔hし当 ̄ prl-、()n W吊m血圧1-1、k d()et` l10(し)Ⅹl吋¥¥し同値C nO nし)し互〔()
trし雨(Tヽぐh〔mnen-M()run, 200弓r「1「C血tし十I)urt O仕丁C dcfini(1011 1正ntlrlし、、 「I¥て士ICCl、、 “l dlmし判、1011`.
tha白nflllenCe the cxtmt o白I、し1、t Th1、 ddmlし1On t`│1-l′CC上告l 。()n(Cr)血l=(刷1点il()n (()=hし甲l十、し、nt
rer)Ort Of :l `tしIdy ()川1e per甲C白↓C←証l一一()the「s ()「しhll‘1ren ¥¥血(11買h11血│t` On血l.()1c or `lho()1
r)rlnCIPal← ln faclllt山一1g Or mhl向=堂山C l、仁一hll、l…Cl「t un‘l m捕「(し性-nCe O白rしI証丁)d¥¥し買1甲ru両、 O「
chlldren ¥vitl丁dlS乞高ll血)ヽ 11ndし、しl…∴川()n Pl-(正t`冊)n証漢う()y∴mC口紅h二一mし半l-¥l()…丁`血、し直O白用、
甲r{1Cし1l〔‘l・1y bene¥て)le-「│、c、 ()Penll。、、一肌i …甲。tenCし∴ 、、,cre rc(lし、l(Cしl m血‘甲nしIP‘正剛ihしl[c、 u血l
:lC〔lOnS thllt 。merge│川、Om t量-e pl‘。、Cllt `tしI11、 :l、 f・一C111t‘‘t()’-、 O白l世t
Trust and Schooi Leaders
(04) On l吊yStem、 Ievd, trllut lS Idcn面cし1 1、∴星∴し、rltlCa=証t〇一・ m `d「()01 l-ef()… (Bryk & `。hnudし工
2003) Schoo=ellders c。n m乱IenC`C thc n=し11.。 ()白…、t ¥¥1両n edしl(宜1()m1 s)/血、111、 (Ko。h”nCk. roOう
Tschtlnnen中値rこしn, 200主上I’he照m「1(`fln。c ()白c照hel-t,1 uml pr’c-1tt`「血証in泣h。。1 prm叫,〔11、 l、
st「()ng :md (`‘1n influencc血s告m1Oni: ()ther ‘、()一一一t血Ient←用oy蓑Tu宜…neIい!()1工n」9ゾウ) Am()ng
schoo=eadcI.、, r)「mClprl、 In甲r〔1C、し五月
un mflしICn。。 thc o¥e話l sdl()()l dml証│‘川d th付し中m11し上
ence trしISt (DlPur)l〔l & Wl刷er-Th()ll「出、 200+ II()y S1111〔h. & SⅥ▼l項l告nd「 2002. S()。d諒尽[in.m.
2000) Co11eglこ‘=endershlr)` Or thc ()甲nlle5t川同一C leadcl証甲heh打10一()白hC Pl-1IIClprL l、 ・甲rCd1Ctor o圧eh。OI d11m(e、 Wh1dl ln tし1m証() mfl11Cn。Ct, ()¥Te「即血1ヽ[ (Ho〉し・t点. 2002)
A5 1enders Wh() Set the tolle m `(宜)・高. pl.11「甲甲高lre一-し甲O-1証)1c [or bし”l‘lln告m‘1 1-1…「t“ning trしIstlng rd…()mhlP5 (W′hltenel- 1ir()‘1t` K()一.、笠鳥IrC上尽Wセmerl 1998) T() (ic111()n血一tし) ho¥¥
princIP証mlgh=冊11=hlt, l-し甲On証ll時TwhlumCn〇回o「… (200-+) ()什eI.eC上白hl-Ce葛J皿。一l、1()皿l

T「u…て)l・thy Lc永hr血ip M証印X (p 17())油c eml血、1∠ed血▲しl、e回11C、、 Of c()n血圧l-mg n()=)nly’
flVe facett, Of trしIt,t (1 C , bcnc¥′OIcnしe. h()mst¥. Ol)mnet奇’-Cl〃両lll〔〉′、 …←1 c()mPCtCllCC) lI‖-C血l()n
to flVC (、on血tしICnCies ()f sch()01、 (l C ∴ld…mlf,t面ol-、, [eこICh│宜、宜しIdel「圧、 1)…entS言lnd the pし一帖し)、
but als() frve fしInCtl()m Of l cho()=cndし宜叫) 1nしmders凪nd↑ng h()、、 Sd「()()1 p’‘m。1P証
c二一n SlgmflCnntly ln皿encc whl()01 clll丁…c t用d cし11…c Thet`ぐ血ll`tlO喜「、 ()=endcJl-t叫)言l立回11Cし1
to trしISt, inclしIde (の。e、-elopmg言い▼1、1Oll ()上白l-しI爪¥()I血y scho()上(b) “l判Ilg描t=()le mOdr=()1・
trしIStWOrthme5S throしIgl高一ngu‘l汁.1【1C上一しtlO-1一(C) hc吊…1ng tC批l-Cr COn甲│‘tぐnしe血-()し性h e「f示{1、 C
c()aChmg, (d) lmPrOV・111g記丁O()1 ‘=叫)lmC …Ong studcl蛤an‘=│‘adlCr“hl・()し一gh cfhc`tl¥C m冊gC111ent, and (e) medlllmg COnnl(同nし=・叩l用1n n∴し()n、{rしICtl¥▼c …しI honc高一11unnel. ∧llmmi加凧)r
trustworthineヽS, thcn, lt` dcmol「、血tし▲し=)¥▼一lし画し肌ng …C口証an‘`mg rel仙011証lr)5 um()ng hccl、 Of
trし1寸COnStltしIenCleS ()上Choc高言‖肌用1e 「しmしtl()m O=c批1ershlr)
1河k and証hnelder (2003) d1…しlト、CC同1し) dcmon血血)n ()f l-し甲elt持()nし)しl-1t】C点hcet o白llC
trしl、t def皿tl(m f()r SCh()01 r)mCi甲l、∵[1hc〉 。1…led tl面l-C甲eC=ト│`1。、担当-Clし血。 to (,血圧ICct、 ()l
trしl←t, Particし11こ‘l1〉▼ OPemC、→J)enC、 “1し・11し、c言Ind I`clli即時l)lYk an正。11-1CIdcl- d証ned l・c、Pし直“甲t
o白he `(臆)Cl;ll dlヽし()しIrSe u lth1n SChooiし、()111111し…1tlCヽ Whcnし直IC証()1、 m出Chool `いtCmし1し冊()nu高tl‘
re叩cct m thell・ ←()Clal cxcl-nnge訂正、▼ ←、()n同)血t() th。 dc、▼elop1「1Cllt ()f tl.し一、=)mC甲高沈r、で:一、
models ()f thet’e tOClal l`Xd高nge、 Io=)thcI`lh()()l r)el、Omel (K()高mCk. 200う) Opm11し)、t`.し‘信一
part of the trlltl deflnltlOn工d壷to血pcr。C申on Of ()一「C中川ty血t二一n()th。l申出{、▼ 1、 fo「111し、Ommg
with l.elevant lnf()mlation …d ()nC甲rt車con「1正n。e th鉦m()ther r)川.t¥▼ d(臆)e=l()白川皿()1しi一・。1e判n[
mf()「lmtl。n (I汀(lcr & C気n廿dI. 198士¥侶h同工リリ(一上白11、 ()1-し当m。、、叫畔正こ‘ k。「点)白ec当用)`、点ml←t
(Tschlmnen-M(批m & Hoy, 2000)・ Bene、()1cncし∴ ・一、 。cm()ll高時d bⅤ │…一1即nd `しIl叩O「t一正() mnし上
encct 「eclr)rOC乙I=rしl、t (Tsch生men中畑・… & H()の…←=いこ高lCd b)T r)l-111l、甲1← 。Oll`白…ent” l症k &
Schnelde「, Tschamcn-Mo「m, 2004). Flm=〉′、 rell証1血〉▼ 1、 dcm()m[l証eしl not ()nlT thl()し一両pl-C最高剛1ty bし1t証o throしIgh ‘`Ommlm-Cnt und dcdlC`・ltl()’l∵=1et`e hcct` ()白l-し1、同1・│] Pl・m叫う・‘1 ‘、h肌。1しローtlCS
valued by Pllrentt, As I巾k ・一nd証hneldし十n()teC上川l一(居て│‘¥しリl→乙lrC11{ …d tcnしl一。l ¥¥▼e `r)()」。 ¥¥l山
頂亡h1筆、(、h。()1 co量m「-C〃「{e(1 e皿…Cl甲b0し-{血p「。「叫)・高いc ・、()-1高畠ylし‖11、 ()l→ぐm「。、、ぐ() 。両Cl・、、画しi
h18 Wl111ngneトロo rurh oしI=()甲rent+ tC世her、・ uml wlu‘lont`中⊃ 12)

CHAPTER 1 7%e PγOC〔榔QfCbnducti穂Rcasea/cb附7’嫁Quan勅切t初e 。nd Qz/a初a砂eノ勉)rOaCh〔2S

Althoし一gh the research clted above applleS tO all relationshlPS Of trust wlthin a school, there lS
a growmg bOdy of rcsearch that h種S focしISed on these issues as related to parents of children wlth
disablllties Parents of chlldren wlth disabllltleS may have mCreaSed interaction with edしICation乙11
administrators∴SmPly by the n祖lre Of special education dellVery. Admmistrators and parents of
Children wlth dlSab1llties are part of an IndlVidしIallZed Edし1CatlOn Program (IEP) team. Parents and
admimStratOrS are mtCgral to team decIS10nS and, throし1gh stir)しIl乙‘tions in the IDEIA, ParentS are tO
be consIdered equal and active team members. Beyond the leg亀l requirements of parental mVOlvement wlth ch11dren with dlSabllltleS’reCent reSearCh has mVeStigated parent perspectives regarding
VarlOし一S asPeCtS Of mteraCtions with edしICatlOn PrOfessIOn症(Ange11, Bailey, & Stoner, 2008, Bailey,
Parette, Stoner, Angell, & Carro11, 2006; Stoner & Angell, 2006; Stoner, Angell, House, & Bock, 2007,
Stoner et a上2005)・ ThlS reSCarCh has revealed that trust lS a majOr factor ln the complex relatlOnShip
between parents of children with disabilities and e〔lし1Cation professIOnals (Lakc & Billingsley, 2000;
Stoner & Angdl, Stoner ct al., 2005).
Parents of children with disabilities also have the righ=o imp獲ement due process proceedings (08)
if they disagree with the decisions of the IEP team (IDEIA, 2004)・ Dし1e PrOCeSS Safeguards “afford
r)arentS a basIC rlght of protest when they disagree wlth the educational decisions and 1Ctions of
thc school dlStrlCtl’(Fledler, S賞mPSOn, & Clark, 2007, P. 207) These due process safegし1ards provlde
for increascd opportし一nltleS betWeen ParentS and educational administrators and hence provIde
addltioml opportunltleS for trust to be mflucnced・ If due process is lengthy and mVOlves hiring
attomeys, lt Can be qulte COStly to the school district and parents. The IDEIA encoし1rageS bしIt does
not requlre medatlOn PrlOr tO the implementation of due process. Lake and Billingsley (2000) inVeStlgated persr)eCtives of parents and cdし1Cation professionals invoIved in dしIe PrOCeSS CaSeS. Nearly
90% of their parent participants reported the initiation or es。alatlOn Of conflict as a result of discrep-
ant perception5 between parents and other team members’dlffering perceptions of children’s needs.
In their study, ParentS rePOrted dissatisfaction with school teams who did not recognize chlldren’s
mdividしmlity (l C , dld not recogmZe individしul strengths and llmit21tions separate from a dlSabllity
label)・ In addltlOn, ParentS feIt lS thoしIgh schooIs operated from a deficit perspective, Placing too
mし一Ch emphaSIS On What chlldren camot do as opposed to focしISing on or recogmZing the strengths
Of each child (Algne, CoIvm, & Baker, 1998; Lake & Billingsley). It should be noted tha=he disCrePant PerSPeCtlVCS betwecn parents and edし一Cation professIOnals developed over tlme aS ParCntS
PerCeived negative interactions with school teams.
In addltion, When parents and educational teams operate from dlSCrePant ViewpomtS Wlth regard (09)
to assessment and servICe delivery, ParentS are mOre likely to dist「llSt future exchanges when their
expectatlOnS are nOt met (Stoncr & Ange11, 2006). PrmCIP‘‘1s c乙m mfluence the imr)aCt Of these dis-
CrePant Viewpoints throしIgh their influence on schooI climate Tschannen-Moran (2004) described
the relatlOnShip among principals. overall school trしISt and dlmate, 1nd parents, trust:
Pl-1nCIPals phy an lmPOrtant rOle m Creatmg the context fo「 trしIS=O develop between parents and the school
and hetween teachers z周d pal-entS The schoo=eader creates血e frllmeWOrk and structure for thcse relatlOn-
Sh1PS and, by example, mこly Se=he tone for these mteraCtlOnS aS Well (p 136)
More speclflCa11y, PrmCIPals’mteraCtlOnS Wlth indivldしIal stし一dcnts and families can lnfluence the
OVerall child-Centeredness of schooIs (DiPaola & Walther臆Thomas, 2003; Kochanek, 2005; Soodak &
EstabllShmg and mamtaimng truSt does not ensし一re that school dlStricts never face a dしIe PrOCeSS (11)
hearmg, however, a truStmg relatlOnShlP has the potentlal to minimlZe COnflict and lead to resolutlOn. ConseqしIently, PrmCIPals have a 111alOr reSPOnSibility to posltively contribしIte tO the establish-
ment of trし1St With all p乙IrentS’mdし丁ding parents of chlldrcn wlth disabillties, Who may be mteraCting
Wlth great frequency wlth e‘lし丁CatlOn PrOfessionals, mClし一ding teac`hcrs, related scrvice persomel,
and princ上pals.
Purpose of the Study
The role of the pmClr)al in establishing or mfluencmg OVCrall organizatlOna獲trust in schooIs has (12)
emerged from extant research (e・g , Hoy et al., 2002, Hoy & Tschamen-Moran, 1999) More recent
research has addresscd characteristics nnd actlOnS th乙It Can be taken by prmdpals to improve organi-

7atlOnal trust (e.g., Kochanek, 200う) The lmPOrtanCe Of trust ln eStabllShmg effectlVe home-SChool
PART 1 4n IntγOduction to及iucatzonal Reseaタでb
partnerships for stしIdents wlth disab111ties is also strongly sしIPPOrted in recent research (Lake &

Bi11ingsley, 2000; Stoner & Ange11, 2006; Stoner et al , 2005; Tし1rnbし111, Tし1mbull, Erwln, & Soodak,
2006). Given the crltlCal role pmClr)als can assし1me ln eStablishing trust, further research is needed
on how they influence levels of t…St ln relat10nShips between families of children wlth dlSabilities
and edしICatlOn PrOfessionals
The present study emerged from l hroa‘1cr study of the perspectives of mothers of children
with disabillties on trust ln edし1CatlOn PerSOnnel (Angd1, Stoner, & Shdden, 2009). Althoし1gh we dld
坤e諒〇両ocu eも
not lnqulre SPeCifically aboしIt thc roIc of admlmStratOrS, the strong influence of administrators, Par-
ticularly schooI prlnCIPals, WヽS ar)Parent durmg mterVleWS With 16 mothers of children of varying
disabilitleS, ageS, and geographical settmgS We then re-eXamined oしIr data to address the following
research qし一eStion:
What are thc perspectlVeS Of mother5 Of children with disabilities on trしISt in schooI prindpals?
僻esearch Desjgn
We empIoyed a quall〔;‘tive resc乙`rCh metho(loIogy to gam insight into the natし一re Of trust of moth-
ers of chlldren with dlSab1lltle5 m SChooI princIPals. Wt vleWCd trust as the central phenomenon
requlrlng eXr)loratlOn andしm‘ler5tandmg (Creswell, 2002). Consldermg the nature of oしIr target
phenomcnon (1.e言rし一St), We folloⅥ′ed the advice of Strauss and Corbln (1998) who explained that
`、qualitative methods can heし1Sed to obtaln the mtricate details about phenomena sしICh as feelmgS.
thoしIght processes, and emotions that are dlfflCし11t to extrac`t Or leam …
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