Expert Answer :Characteristics and Behaviors of Effective Counsel


Solved by verified expert:2-3 pages, below I’ve uploaded the case study to use to answer these questions:Describe at least two effective characteristics and/or behaviors in the case study and explain why they were effective.Describe at least two ineffective characteristics and/or behaviors and explain why they were ineffective.Explain how the clinical mental health counselor’s characteristics and/or behaviors may influence the session in the case study.Think about whether characteristics and behaviors are consistent with counseling as an art or a science, or both, and why.

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Expert Answer :Characteristics and Behaviors of Effective Counsel
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(CL= Client; CO= Counselor)
This is the first session with the counselor, Steve, and the client, Bill. Steve graduated 2 months
ago with a master’s degree in counseling. He was hired by his internship site before he
CO: Come on in, Bill. Which seat would you like to sit in?
CL: I’ll take this one, thanks.
CO: So, I have some questions to ask. Just a little form I have to fill out. (CO asks demographic
questions and takes social history). So, Bill, what has brought you in today?
CL: My wife told me that I need to come to counseling or she was going to leave.
CO: Really? Hmmm … Why would she say that?
CL: She thinks that I have some anger issues.
CO: So, do you?
CL: Yeah, I guess I do.
CO: Tell me what anger issues look like for you.
CL: Well, I get upset with the kids when they leave their junk around the house. I like for things
to be neat, you see. And when they have their book bags strewn about and shoes everywhere,
it just gets under my skin after I have had a busy day at the office.
CO: It seems that you would like to come home to a peaceful environment after a stressful day
of work, and when home is stressful, too, you let out all of your frustrations.
CL: EXACTLY! That is it. I just can’t get my family to understand that.
CO: Tell me more about anger issues.
CL: My wife also says I can be intimidating… that I use my words and tone of voice in a
threatening way.
CO: Ummmm, ok, so you threaten your wife?
CL: NO, that isn’t what I said. I would never threaten my wife. It’s just that she thinks the words
I use and tone of voice SOUND threatening. She isn’t scared of me.
CO: I see… I see….
CO: SO…. Hmmm….. Okay, has your wife ever had any counseling?
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CL: I don’t think so. I don’t know. I just want to focus on me – I want to learn how to not sound
so angry or feel so frustrated.
CO: Great. That is a good start. Let’s talk some more about where that frustration comes from.
CL: You know, I have thought a lot about that. I really think that it ties back to my own childhood
and my mother always having to have everything perfect, nothing out of place…. I think she felt
bad about coming from such a poor family that when she married my dad and actually had
some things, she thought that she was worthwhile if she kept everything perfect.
CO: Sounds like a lot of pressure for a little kid.
CL: Oh boy was it!!! She would yell at me if I tracked in mud on my shoes. She would fuss if I
didn’t hang my coat on the coat rack, she would pop me if my shirt was untucked… I felt like
Pinocchio… I just wanted to be a real boy and not have to be so darn perfect all the time.
CO: What would that have been like – to be a real boy?
CL: To be allowed to be who I am. To be allowed to play without fear of being in trouble. To
know that my mom loved me….
CO: I wonder if it still feels like unless things are perfect, you aren’t loveable.
CL: (nods head…tearful)
CO: You know, Bill, I think it would help if your wife were to come in…. Maybe we should stop
the session now until she can come back with you. What do you think about that?
CL: uhhhh, okay…
CO: I am sorry, Bill. I was wrong to suggest that. I was thinking we could use your wife to help
you see that you ARE worthy of love without perfectionism. But, maybe that was abrupt and
jumping the gun a bit.
CL: Yeah, it felt like that.
CO: I bet it did. I bet that maybe it even felt like a rejection as a result of you not being perfect.
CL: Yep.
CO: Let’s talk more about what being perfect means.
CL: Okay.
CO: Tell me what it means to NOT be perfect.
CL: Hmmmm… let someone down, to not have it together all the time, to not be able to give
my wife and family the things they need, to have a junky house or yard.
©2012 Laureate Education, Inc.
CO: Ok, so you listed some ways that you would not have perfection in your life. If these were
true, what would it mean?
CL: That I had failed. That I…. ummm, this is hard. I don’t know.
CO: It is hard. You are doing a great job, though…. Talk some more about failing.
CL: Well, failing is not meeting the expectations of others. Failing means you are weak. Failing
means you are sorry.
CO: So, when your kids fail at something, this is true of them?
CL: NO! Not at all!
CO: I am confused, then – why is it true for you?
CL: Oh! Oh, I see… why am I harder on myself? Oh and why am I yelling at them when they are
not perfect? Oh, wow… Oh – I can’t believe I am repeating this with them.
CO: Seems like you have had a significant realization just now – maybe something that can
help you start making a shift in how you deal with your family. I think this is a good place for us
to stop and we can pick up here when you come back next week. That is, if you want to come
CL: Yes, I do! I want to get this resolved. I will be back. Do you want me to bring my wife?
CO: Let’s have some more time discussing things just you and me.
CL: Okay.
CO: Oh, I also forgot to get you to sign the informed consent when you came in. This is a
document that states you understand that what you and I say in here is confidential and that I
can only break this confidentiality if you threaten to harm yourself, someone else, or you abuse
a child. Can you sign right here for me?
©2012 Laureate Education, Inc.

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