Expert Answer :Complete essay 4 as described in “Essay 4 and anno


Solved by verified expert:Essay 4, the first page of the word document attached, is the requirement for thisguns.pdf, is what the student wrote for essay 3, to which they did poorly because they forgot to include citations.IMG_0107.JPG is a file with a screenshot of the instructor’s request for how you should ideally structure the fourth essay. It is not a necessity to follow, but a good idea to in order to get a good grade.mla.pdf describes the annotated bibliography assignment that the student already completed, and which should help you since it has all the sources needed documented.feel free to add your own sources if necessary.Let me know if there are questions or and vagueness in these files immediately.


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Expert Answer :Complete essay 4 as described in “Essay 4 and anno
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Zack Casutto
Prof. Neisen
English W131
Cause and Effect paper
As times goes on, the amount of school shootings that occur within the United States
alone is immensely increasing. Taking this into consideration, it becomes obvious that gun
control has had a major role recently within society and has caused many harmful outcomes. The
idea of whether it should be legal for a person to carry a gun on them or be able to purchase one
has been a topic up for discussion for a while now. The cause of people being able to make these
purchases is continuing to effect society in terrible ways; not only including school shootings but
shootings at public events as well, such as concerts or movies. As more and more of these gunrelated events occur, society is starting to take an approach in adjusting gun control to make our
environment a place where people can feel safe and not have to worry about when the next
gunshot will go off.
There are many causes that go into gun control alone. The usage of guns has been
prominent in society since centuries ago when they were used during war and even for
protection. The misuse of guns was more uncommon then than it is now and there are obvious
causes that go into it. Looking more specifically at school shootings, it is evident that they are
caused by guns but there are also other factors that contribute to it. These shooters who are
taking advantage of gun control have a bad track record that puts the gun into their hand and
makes them make their ultimate decision. For example, in the Sandy Hook School Shooting,
Adam Lanza was said to have psychological disorders such as social anxiety and anger
management. He would often sit in his room, isolated from friends and family, playing violent
video games. These psychological problems that are prevalent amongst most shooters are not the
fault of the individual person but just urges them more to create violent actions. Actions such as
playing violent video games help the individual place themselves in this virtual-reality that gives
them a sense of what they’re about to embark on. Looking at the bigger picture, the ultimate
problem begins with the media exposure starting a young age that leads them to believe how gun
violence solves issues. Starting when I was a little kid, I always played video games such as Call
of Duty and Modern Warfare. Including myself, the media has caused young kids to believe that
this type of violence is okay. In a video game, the more shootings you get, you win so in the
child’s mind, the more you shoot, the bigger the prize you get. This leads children to believe
actions like these are accepted by society and will help them achieve their motives and obtain
their goals. The second problem lies with the accessibility of guns starting at a young age. Young
adults are buying guns illegally through friends and the black market.
All of these behaviors cause the violent person to take measures towards their ultimate goal of
harm and that is why gun control should be enforced more among individuals, to stop them from
getting a gun in their hand.
With all of these causes of gun control, comes an obvious effect. The effect being the
awareness that arises the dangers of guns and how uncontrolled they actually are. The fault lies
in the fact that school shooting should not have to take place in order for awareness to arise. A
tragedy should not have to occur in order for gun control awareness to take place. The effect of
school shooters and shooters in general is the loss of lives that has an immense impact of ruining
a community as a whole. Students, parents, and faculty within a community that has experienced
tragedy will often move out, so they don’t have to experience their past with their mundane
activities. This makes people lead to the idea that school is not safe when school should really be
a place of safety and comfort. We should determine the dangers before these incidents happen to
prevent them from occurring in the first place.
With gun control being such a controversial topic within current society, it becomes
evident of the two opposing sides that go along with it. Guns can be used to keep people safe and
protect them but is it worth it for all of the negative outcomes it brings, such as school shootings.
There is no clear answer as to how strictly guns should be regulated. On one side of things, we
need guns to keep as safe and protect us (i.e. war). When that privilege of owning a gun is
abused, it becomes a danger to society and effects it negatively. Recently there has been a lot of
instances where the abuse of guns has taken place; the mass shooting in Las Vegas at a country
concert, the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. After all of these tragedies, does society make
gun control stricter? But what happens when we’re in war and our soldiers have no guns to
protect our country? There are endless questions that come into play when taking into
consideration the extent of how gun control should be regulated. There will never be a set answer
to these questions but only opinions of society on whether gun control should be prevalent or
Ultimately, the causes and effect of mass shootings is something that needs to be
considered when thinking about gun control as a whole and the negative and positive outcomes it
places on society. The amount of recent tragedies that have occurred and taken the lives of so
many, shows that no matter what the law is, people will still take advantage of it. We live in a
society where people do as they please and will always find a way around the law. More
percussions are needed to raise awareness of the negative effects guns place on society, but even
with all of these laws in place, will that stop people from continuing to put a gun in their hand?
Ahmed, Saeed, and Christina Walker. “There Has Been, on Average, 1 School Shooting Every
Week This Year.” CNN, Cable News Network, 20 Mar. 2018,

This source addresses all of the recent school shootings in our country that have occurred
2018. Only being a few months into the new year, seventeen shootings have taken place.
These acts of violence continue to make students scared to go to school and teachers afraid to
be in the classroom, something we do not want for our country as a whole.
Cornell, Saul, et al. “The Lessons of a School Shooting–in 1853.” POLITICO Magazine, 24 Mar.

This source talks about the first school shooting that took place in the United States, which
occurred in 1853. It is important to understand this because it shows how much these acts of
terror have escalated and become so much more violent.
Goldberg, Jeffrey. “The Case for More Guns (and More Gun Control).” The Atlantic, Atlantic
Media Company, 19 Feb. 2014,

This source is about gun control and how we as a society can help to reduce the amount of
mass shootings that occur in our country. There are numerous amounts of ways to reduce
these acts of violent but it becomes hard when so many people own such dangerous weapons.
Kirby, Jen. “The March for Our Lives, Explained.” Vox, Vox, 19 Mar. 2018,

This source is about the people of Washington D.C. coming together to express their views
on gun control. The act of the Parkland school shooting was so impactful on individuals lives
and was what caused these people to protest in this way.
Salam, Maya. “Adam Lanza Threatened Sandy Hook Killings Years Earlier, Records Show.”
The New York Times, The New York Times, 26 Oct. 2017,

This source is about Adam Lanza and his history prior to the infamous Sandy Hook shooting.
It address everything Lanza experienced that might have triggered him to become a massshooter that would change the school system in American forever.
Shear, Michael. “Students Lead Huge Rallies for Gun Control Across the U.S.” The New York
Times, The New York Times, 24 Mar. 2018,

This source once again addresses the protest that took place in Washington D.C. It focuses
more on the student aspect and how they were affected on a personal level by the Parkland
school shooting.
Times, The New York. “March for Our Lives Updates: Chants of ‘Enough Is Enough’ at Huge
Rallies on Guns.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 24 Mar. 2018,

The source highlights all of the events that took place throughout the March of Our Lives
student protest. It addresses each important thing that occurred from the start to the finish and
the impact it had on the protest and even the students that were in attendance.
Essay 4, Solution Paper, 45 Points
Basics: 4 to 5 pages, double spaced, minimum of 6 sources, proper MLA citation and Works Cited
In this paper, you will return to the subject of your last paper, but this time your goal is to provide an
argument for what you see as the best solution to the problem you have chosen. A strong paper will be
well-organized, provide a concise summary of the problem and what solutions have been proposed by
others, then present a convincing argument in favor of a specific solution. You must use at least 4 new
sources for this paper. It should consist of the following sections:
Intro: Your goal here is not only to make the reader care about the issue, but also to employ an opening
strategy which prepares the reader for your eventual argument. Remember to include a clear thesis that
previews your eventual stance.
Summary of Problem: In this section, you should summarize the content of your last paper. What are
the sides to the debate? What does each side view as the cause of the problem? The effect? What are
the major stumbling blocks for each side?
Summary of Other Solutions: In this section, you will want to look at the various solutions that have
already been proposed, keeping in mind any potential biases.
Argument for Your Solution: Here is where you will argue for your own solution. If you are choosing a
solution that has already been proposed, explain why it works better than the rest. If you are combining
solutions, explain why that is the best option. If you are proposing your own unique solution, explain
why this hasn’t been proposed before. In any scenario, make sure to consider not only if this solution is
ideal, but also if it is also practical, i.e. if it is possible/likely to work in the current context. For example,
proposing that N.R.A. members should decide to stop supporting guns would not be a feasible solution
Conclusion: This is where you should convince the reader of the importance of adopting your solution.
You can focus on the positive effects of embracing your proposal, the negative effects of ignoring it, or
something in between.
Annotated Bibliography, 20 points
Must provide 7 entries, 2 of them can be sources from the last paper.
For each entry, you should write three sections of a few (3 to 5) sentences each. Each entry should begin
with an MLA works-cited style citation. It should then have a Description section, where you summarize
the content of the argument, an Analysis section, where you analyze the logic/quality/legitimacy of the
source, and then finally a Preview section, where you describe how you plan on using this source in your
paper. Each entry should look like this
Last name, First Name. Title. Etc….
Description: this source begins by talking about X. It then argues that Y. Finally, it ends by arguing for the
importance of Z.
Analysis: This is a source from a more liberal website, therefore it has a more liberal bias. In general it is
still relatively unbiased, except for this part in section A.
Preview: I will use this source in my Summary of Solutions section. It will be one of the proposed
solutions to the liberal side. I will agree with point X, but disagree with point Y.

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