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Solved by verified expert:Look at grammar, structure, wording, plagiarism, citation, and write a conclusion along with work cited page. Check carefully. my subject is political parties, I am talking specifically about Republican party, I nalayzed their platform for the 2016 platform, I talked about Gun control and taxes, I am going to provide links to every source except for two because I have the physical books. Check the thesis make the essay look as good as it could. MLA style any further inquiries please let me know


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Nasib 1
Political Parties
American politics have many different important factors that determine its outcomes.
Money in politics is an essential element of the political system in the United States. Despite
that, one of the most important aspects is political party. There two major parties in the United
States which are Republican and Democrats. The republican party tends to support certain set of
issues. Tax reform and gun control are two major issues that the republican party is highly
concerned about.
The taxation system is a debatable issue in American politics. According to the 2016
Republican Party Platform, the tax cut plan is meant to improve the public’s economic condition.
There is a strong belief among Republicans that the lower the taxation the better the opportunity
is. Moreover, the fact that low taxes could almost only help the upper class and not have as much
of an impact on lower and middle class is opposite to what Republicans propose in their
platform. For instance in the 1990s, Clinton became a president and promised to bring change,
furthermore, Clinton’s social programs were cut back when George W. Bush applied huge tax
cuts that almost only benefited the rich.(Chernomas and Hudson (169, 70). Therefore, the
Republican promise of more prosperity for the American public tend to be not fully fulfilled.
It is strongly believed among the republicans that fair taxation plan causes economic
growth. According to class lecture, the economy tends to be more stable during a Democratic
president era. Therefore, the Republican massive tax cuts do not usually lead to an economic
growth. In the last twenty to thirty years, Democrats and Republicans shared the presidency,
which leads to the fact that the economy has been not only stable during the Democrats terms but
also, the democrats would bring back the economy from devastation. For example, when Obama
Nasib 2
became a president in 2008 the United States was in an economic crisis yet the economy
improved on the upcoming years of Obama’s presidency.
Republican party uses the tax cuts in their 2016 platform as a way to motivate more voter
turn out. The Republicans use this specific issue more frequently. The usage of the term massive
tax imposes a great impact on the American public. Moreover, the Republican candidates use
this term because of the reason that tax as an issue is almost owned by the Republicans. As
discussed in class, issue ownership is a theory that explains the frequent focus on a certain issue
by a specific party.
As mentioned in the previous paragraph issue ownership plays a major role in Voters turn
out. Also, Candidates usually have a favorable list of issues which they emphasize on during
campaigning (Morone and Kersh. P266). Moreover, the economic condition is a significant
factor for voting determination. If the voter believes that this candidate represents his or her
views, then casting the vote for that candidate is more likely even if the candidate is not from the
same party.
Nowadays, gun control is a hot issue in the United States politics. According to The 2016
Republican platform, “We uphold the right of individuals to keep and bear arms, a natural
inalienable right that predates the Constitution and is secured by the Second Amendment.” (12).
Most of the Republicans acknowledge the danger of gun control yet massive amount of
Republicans still support it. In 2001, George W. Bush proposed a $550 million budget for
programs to minimize the danger of gun control violence, not only that but he also provided
money to develop federal record keeping to make significantly difficult for individuals with
criminal records (Kurian p. 53). Therefore, the language used in the 2016 Republican platform
implements that every Republican candidate would support gun control. However, the actions
Nasib 3
taken by Bush recognize the threat of gun control. It could be argued that, president Bush’s
policies were slightly to almost strongly against what the 2016 Republican party platform
contains about the issue.
Since the majority of the Republican party followers are whites it is essential to keep in
mind that white Republican communities are likely in favor of gun control. According to Morone
and Kersh, “white voters had not given a Democratic nominee more than 43 percent of the vote
in thirty-five years” (p.266). Since the majority of the Republican party is whites, then it is
important for a Republican presidential candidate to support the issue in order to recruit more
followers. A poll taken by Pew Research Center illustrates that, nearly 81 percent of both
Republicans and lean Republicans supported the right to bear arms (Parker, Horowitz…).
Therefore, Republican presidential candidates show an endless amount of support to gun control.
Also, they would promise the voters to enforce new policies that would protect their second
amendments rights.
While Republican show an enormous support to gun control, Democrats on the other
hand push hard to the opposite direction. Currently, the issue is on the floor due to the current
incidents. Consequently, in the upcoming election cycle the presence of gun control is going to
be strong. The majority of people in the united states is in favor of stricter gun laws by 52
percent to 30 percent of the adults who believe the laws are about right (Parker, Horowitz…).
According to that, gun control could be in the upcoming future an issue that is used to bring the
Republican party and candidate down. In other words, instead of being a motivation for voter
turnout, it could be a tool for the opposition party to recruit voters to their favor.
Despite the fact that any basic gun is a threat, the Republican party proposed to avoid
prohibiting of individual’s ownership of advanced modern machineguns (The 2016 R Platform p.
Nasib 4
12). Public opinion is leans toward opposing the idea of allowing normal people to be able to
own assault rifles by 77 percent of non-owners support banning assault-style weapons, and 48
percent of gun owners also support the banning of heavy weaponry (Parker, Horowitz…). Since
the public is leaning toward banning machineguns the 2016 Republican party platform is against
almost a majority of the American people.
The 2016 Republican Platform argues that, “Lawful gun ownership enables Americans to
exercise their God-given right of self defense for the safety of their homes, their beloved ones,
and their communities.” (12) The Republican party is more conservative than liberal. Generally,
conservatives are more religious than liberals, therefore, the Republican party platform used the
religious language to influence voters to follow their views in gun control. Religion is a strong
method to change a person’s opinion, for instance, 70 to 80 percent of white evangelical’s vote
Republican (Morone and Kersh p.188). Since the Republican party is mostly whites, also, most
of the people who are in favor of gun control are republicans, and most religious white Catholics
vote Republican. So, the use of religious language in the party’s platform is also a way to
motivate voters.
Congress has been controlled by the Republicans lately. Which resulted to the
interference in appointing a new supreme court judge picked by the former president Barack
Obama to avoid a majority in favor for Democrats in order to avoid antigun ownership policies
(Republican party plat form p.12). Therefore, it requires a majority in the house to hold on to the
party’s interest. However, many different studies were done on the Supreme Court judges, non of
the result found a strong correlation between the judges vote on an issue and their party Id
(Morone and Kersh, p 452). It is more favorable to have a judge who is from the same party
voted to the Supreme Court yet because of the level independency the judges have from all
Nasib 5
different officials they vote more independently and without having to be concerned about what
the person who appointed them is thinking.
Nasib 6
Work Cited
Party, The Republican . “The 2016 Republican Party Platform.” Republican Platform,
Republican Party Convention, 2016,[1]-ben_1468872234.pdf.
Nasib 7

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