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Solved by verified expert:Based on the feedback, I need this paper revised to answer more of the professors original question….Written Assignment: The Cold War and Presidential Doctrines Due Week 7 and worth 300 pointsSelect a president from the table, “Presidents and Their ‘Doctrines,’” in Roskin, Chapter 4. Then write at least a six-eight-page paper on the doctrine that president used according to Roskin. Your research must include at least seven credible sources, apart from your textbook. Your paper must address the following:Fully define a doctrine and identify why the president of your choice announced a doctrine while he was in office. Describe the diplomatic doctrine the president followed, with reference to specific actions or events that occurred.Describe the effect that the presidential doctrine has had on regional or global affairs since it was announced during the Cold War.Cite at least seven reputable sources, excluding Wikipedia, encyclopedias, dictionaries, blogs and other material that does not qualify as reputable academic sourcework.Your assignment must:Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.NOT INCLUDE AN ABSTRACT, but do include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.Acknowledge that graphs, tables, drawings and photographs do not count toward the length of the paper; only what you have written as text itself.Will receive a SafeAssign file that shows you what percentage of your writing has been copied and pasted from other sources, including those found on the Internet. I will not accept any paper that has a reading over 30%, so if yours falls within that parameter, you will have to paraphrase those highlighted portions of your paper to get that figure down to 30%.

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Expert Answer :Revise this paper!: Reagan Doctrine
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The Reagan Doctrine
Erica Chatman
POL 300
Strayer University
Prof. John Cronin
The Reagan Doctrine
The History and Independence of the United States can be explained by exploring the
doctrines that were incepted in the United States to help in fighting for freedom and enhancing
international peace. The cold war is one of the events of the United States’ history that can be
used to explore the nature of the United States during the ancient times(Ambrose, 1994). Among
the critical doctrines that mark the history of the United States is the Reagan doctrine that was
incepted by President Ronald Reagan.
The motivation of promoting the doctrine was to help in diminishing the influence of the
Soviet Union among other particular nations. The doctrine also aimed at bringing the old war to
an end. The doctrine was designated as a political doctrine since it targeted the reducing of
legislative powers of the Soviet Union. Despite the short duration of the doctrine, it is vital to
determine that the doctrine played a famous role towards the end of the cold war and the
revolution of the United States primarily in the military aspect (Ambrose, 1994). This paper,
therefore, aims to explore on the rationale behind the formation of the doctrine and the doctrine
which the Reagan doctrine followed. The paper also expounds on the impact of the doctrine on
both the global and regional affairs.
The Reagan Doctrine and the Reasons as to Why the President Announced the Doctrine
One of the noteworthy doctrines in the United States is the Reagan doctrine which was
incepted by President Ronald Reagan. In his policy, President Ronald Reagan implies some of
the primary aspects of the foreign policy (Ambrose, 1994). The doctrine is significant as it
served as the foundation for the administration that fought for the rights of the freedom fighters.
According to Reagan‘s doctrine, freedom is universal, and therefore it should not be
targeted to one group of people. The origin of the doctrine is accredited to the ancient US
policies that were embraced in reflecting the problems facing international relations and the
initiation of the foreign policies to aid in curbing the challenges (Ambrose, 1994). The process of
addressing the global challenges started with the Monroe doctrine which was postulated by
James Monroe in the year 1823.
To include what led up to the Reagan Doctrine: The post-world war doctrines were
started in the year 1947. President Truman was the true brainstorm for the initial doctrines that
formed the rest during the post-world war period. During this period, the United States offered
comprehensive aid to the governments of Turkey and Greece to curb them from being influenced
by the Soviet Union (Ambrose, 1994). The United States arrayed the use of the strategy to
weakening the Soviet Union’s influence on the two nations.
The Truman doctrine influences others including: the Eisenhower doctrine, the Johnson
doctrine and the Kennedy doctrine. There are even others: the Karter doctrine, the Nixon
doctrine, and the Carter doctrine (Connell, 1981). One of the common aspect underlying the
advanced doctrines is that they aimed at solving the global challenges that faced the United
The primary rationale for the creation of the Reagan doctrine by President Ronald
Reagan was to bring the cold war to an end and ensure that the global influence of the Soviet
Union was high. Under the Reagan doctrine, the American country specified that the covert aid
should be provided to the resistance movement groups and the anti-communist guerrillas
(Connell, 1981). The doctrine also helped in endorsing the decline the Soviet Union’s influence
in the Latin America, Asia, and Africa.
Supremely, this is because the Soviet Union had established strictly communist
governments in the stated regions. The fact that President Ronald Reagan was against the
embracement of the communist government, he incepted the Reagan Doctrine to reduce the
influence of the communist governments and the Soviet Union (Connell, 1981). Despite the fact
that the Reagan doctrine lasted for a short period, it is vital to make certain that, it acted as a
Centre for the formulation of policies in the United States from the year 1990 to the end of the
cold war.
One of the visions of the United States of America during the ruling of President Ronald
Reagan was to defend and nourish the freedom and democracy of the United States. President
Ronald Reagan emphasized the importance of fighting for the rights of the democratic allies.
Through the doctrine, the administration of Reagan incepted the foundation of the programs of
the freedom fighters and military resistance (Krauthammer, 1985).
The Diplomatic Doctrine Followed by President Ronald Reagan
As stated earlier, the primary foundation of creating the Reagan doctrine by President
Ronald Reagan was to reduce the influence of the Soviet political power and offer support to the
democratic unions to discourage them from supporting the support union and helping them to
fight against the aspect of communism publicized by the Soviet Union (Krauthammer, 1985).
Through the Reagan doctrine, the president aimed at reducing the perspective of communism
which was postulated by the Soviet Union.
However, it is important to address the fact that various events led up to the Reagan
doctrine. For instance, the political and social movements in both Nicaragua and Afghanistan
triggered President Ronald Reagan to advocate for the formation of the Reagan doctrine.
Essential to discover is that the movements in these countries aimed at fighting against the theory
of the Soviet Union and the ideology of communism. Following these movements, the various
groups adopted the use of the Reagan administration a fact that led to the evolution of the
Reagan doctrine (Krauthammer, 1985). Essential to describe is that Washington had a strong
motive in providing support to the freedom fighters and encouraging them to fight against the
communist ideology.
Another objective of the Reagan doctrine was to help in reshaping the previous doctrine
that had been used in solving the international challenges that faced the United States. The
aggressive and sporadic improvement of the Soviet Union and its ideologies in various parts of
the world such as Central Africa, Africa, and Central America posed adverse impacts to the
United States Administration, and therefore there was need to come up with a strategy to help in
diminishing the influence and power of the Soviet Union (Krauthammer, 1985). As a result, the
Reagan doctrine was incepted to help in dealing with the Soviet Union and ensure that their
powers were reduced.
The evolution of Reagan doctrine can be explored by explaining the relationship between
the United States and the Soviet Union. The two groups retaliated against each other’s
administration a fact that created conflict between the Soviet Union and the United States. The
intensification of the conflict between the Soviet Union and Afghanistan in the year 1979 had
adverse impacts on the relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union (Smith and
Despard, 1987). Additionally, the introduction of the embargos increased the tension and
differences of both the United States and the Soviet Union.
The Effect of Reagan Doctrine by President Ronald Reagan on the Regional and
Global Affairs
The Reagan doctrine is among the remarkable doctrines in the history of the United
States. One of the factors contributing to such remarkability is that the doctrine depicted a
significant change in the post-world war two policy(Nuechterlein, 1990). Before the inception of
the Reagan doctrine, the foreign policy in the cold war of the United States was based on
One of the perceived merits of the doctrine is that it gave an opportunity for the United
States to attack the Soviet Union allies without causing any casualty. The doctrine was costeffective in supporting the guerilla fighters(Smith and Despard, 1987). Some scholars have
argued that the doctrine resulted in the strengthening of the military and political movements that
finally incepted hostility to the United States.
The putting in place of the Reagan doctrine by President Ronald Reagan posed both
negative and positive impacts on the global and regional affairs. One of the positive impacts of
the Reagan doctrine is that it liberated some nations such as Nicaragua from the oppression of
the Soviet Union command (Smith and Despard, 1987). As pointed out earlier, the Soviet Union
advocated for communism a fact that oppressed the developing nations.
Through the Reagan doctrine, the US administration fought for the freedoms and rights of
the freedom fighters and the nations that were oppressed by the Soviet Union. The Reagan
doctrine also resulted to intense collaboration and cooperation among various countries to
advocate for peace and equality among the nations(Smith and Despard, 1987). The doctrine also
played a significant role in bringing the Second World War to an end.
One of the adverse effects of the Reagan doctrine is that the support offered to
Afghanistan to help it in resisting and rebelling against the Soviet Union created tension and
confusion among the involved parties. Through the Reagan doctrine, President Ronald Reagan
incepted the strategic defense initiative as a national defense network to help in targeting and
destroying the enemies before they could find their way to the United States(Smith and Despard,
1987). The president also advocated for the formation of the Strategic Arms Reduction Talks
which aimed at triggering the Soviet Union to reduce the amount of nuclear arsenal in their
weaponry and armament.
In the light of the above discussion, it is imperative to point out that the Reagan Doctrine
played a significant role in the history of the United States. One of the achievements of the
Reagan doctrine in the history of America is that it helped in declining the Soviet Union’s
influence on various nations in Central America, Asia, and Central America.
The Reagan doctrine helped in decreasing the scope of the Soviet Union and protecting
the non-communist countries from being exploited by the Soviet Union. By abolishing the long
Détente postulated by President Nixon, Ronald created an opportunity for the military
individuals to prepare adequately for the wars (Nuechterlein, 1990). The Reagan doctrine also
helped in laying the termination of the Soviet Union. Ronald Reagan’s support for the freedom
fighters played a significant role in the defeat of the Soviet Union. The doctrine also played a
significant role in bringing the cold war to an end (Nuechterlein, 1990). In the year 1997, it was
postulated that the Reagan Doctrine had a goal of ending the aspect of communism. According to
the doctrine, the freedom fighters were to be given material support to help them fight against the
ideologies of communism that were proposed by the Soviet Union.
Ambrose, S. E. (1994). The Reagan Doctrine: Sources of American Conduct in the Cold War’s
Last Chapter. Foreign Affairs, 73(5), 153.
Connell, D. (1981). Test Case for a Reagan Doctrine?. Nation, 233(14), 433-43
Krauthammer, C. (1985). THE REAGAN DOCTRINE. Time, 125(13), 54.
Nuechterlein, D. E. (1990). The Reagan doctrine in perspective. Perspectives On Political
Science, 19(1), 43.
Smith, G., & Despard, L. E. (1987). BEFORE THE POINT OF NO RETURN: AN
WHAT IS TO COME (Book). Foreign Affairs, 65(4), 900.

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