Expert Answer :There two assignments 1.answer the 15 questions ab


Solved by verified expert:1.15 esay questions 2.Research paper Comparison Paper-Compare the Electoral College of Texas and a State of your choice. Your paper should contain full discussion of each states historical background as well. The research paper should be MLA Format 4 pages or longer, double-spaced pages, with standard margins and standard fonts. It will be graded on (1) organization and clarity of thought, (2) critical analysis, (3) MLA Format and (4) development of themes related to government and freedom.


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Expert Answer :There two assignments 1.answer the 15 questions ab
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Texas government
1. Explain the difference between temporary and permanent party organizations.
2. Briefly explain why conservatives tend to support the Republican party and liberals tend to support the
Democratic party.
3. How did the Republican party gain control of Texas government during Reconstruction? How did they
lose control of Texas government when Reconstruction ended?
4. Describe the differences between the Libertarian Party and the Republican Party. Describe also the
differences between the Green Party and the Democratic Party.
5. Explain why it is difficult for an independent candidate to win elections in Texas. Why do you think
independent candidates choose to run without a party label when it is so difficult to win?
6. Describe how potential voters in Texas learn about candidates and issues. What appear to be the
primary factors in voter choices (deciding who to vote for)? Do you think voters get accurate and
unbiased information? How might voters become better informed?
7. Describe what candidates in Texas must do to run a successful campaign for office. Include in your
discussion a consideration of the need to both raise funds and communicate with voters. Explain one
reform that might improve the system, or explain why you think the system needs no reform.
8. Why are Latinos such an important factor in Texas electoral politics? What progress have they made in
electoral politics, and what obstacles still remain to exercising their political power? How do you think
the growing Latino population will change elections in Texas in the future?
9. Explain how considerations of race and ethnicity factor into elections in Texas. Are traditional
minorities adequately represented in the voting population? What steps have been taken to address this
issue? Do you think additional steps are necessary?
10. Describe the historical progress made by women seeking elected office in Texas. What challenges do
female candidates still face in running for office? What might be done to increase the representation of
women in state government? Why might it be important for women to be more equally represented?
11. Discuss the changes over time in how Texans get their news. Compare the ways in which Texans get their
information today with past patterns.
12. Evaluate the media’s roles in furthering democracy. Describe these roles in Texas politics.
13. Discuss the history and impact of investigative journalism in Texas. Include in your answer a
discussion of open meetings, open records, and scandals.
14. Explain the conflicting views as to whether and how the media affect our political opinions. Which
view do you find has the most merit and why?
15. How are changes in the media affecting the ability of citizens to affect government? Do you
think these changes make citizens more or less powerful in their ability to influence elected
officials and why?
I. Introduction
II. First State is Texas—Historical Background
III. First State is Texas—Political Structure and its
Electoral College
IV. Second State of your choice—Historical
V. Second State of your choice—Political
Structure and its Electoral College
VI. Compare and Contrast both state’s Electoral
VII. Conclusion
Comparison Paper-Compare the Electoral College of
Texas and a State of your choice. Your paper should
contain full discussion of each states historical
background as well. The research paper should be
MLA Format 4 pages or longer, double-spaced
pages, with standard margins and standard fonts. It
will be graded on (1) organization and clarity of
thought, (2) critical analysis, (3) MLA Format and (4)
development of themes related to government and
Checklist for Government Research Paper
The following requirements must be met for the format requirements for a MLA-style paper:
General Format Specifications for
all Pages of the Paper
_____ Double-spaced
_____ One-inch margins
_____ Last name & page number in
upper right hand corner of all pages
Page One of the Paper
_____ Quotations of more than four
lines are indented ten spaces [1
inch] from the left margin. The text
is double spaced. Use a comma or a
colon after the last word in the text
to mark the beginning of the
quotation. The parenthetical citation
for longer quotations follows the
punctuation at the end of the last
sentence of the quoted material.
_____ Author’s name is in the
header on the left hand side of the
first page.
_____ Periods and commas are
ALWAYS placed inside quotation
_____ Instructor’s name appears as
the second line of the header on the
left margin of the first page.
_____ Question marks and
exclamation marks not originally in
the quotation go outside the
quotation marks.
_____ The first line of the first entry
is typed flush with the left-hand
_____ The second and all following
lines of the entry are indented onehalf inch.
_____ The Works Cited page
contains entries that are listed in
alphabetical order by the first word
in each entry.
Specifications for Content
_____ Thesis is clearly stated in the
introduction to the paper.
_____ Topic sentences are evident
in each paragraph of the paper.
_____ The name of the course
appears as the third line of the
header on the left margin of the
_____ If a parenthetical reference
ends a line, place the period after
the reference.
_____ The focus of the paper is an
opinion about the topic. It is an
essay, not a report.
_____ The date appears as the
fourth line of the header on the left
margin of the paper.
_____ Use single quotation marks
to set off a quotation within a
_____ The title of the paper appears
centered above the text.
_____ An ellipsis is used when
omitting words, phrases or
sentences from quoted material. Be
sure that the omission of content
does not substantially change the
_____ Your thinking is evident and
separated from the borrowed
material with appropriate citations
and quotations [You form
arguments and ideas into paragraphs
of your own creation. You DO NOT
simply cut and paste evidence].
MLA Citations
_____ Every source cited in the text
must be documented in a Works
Cited page at the end of the paper.
_____ Author’s name (or a key
word from the title) is located in a
parenthetical citation or in an
introduction to the borrowed
_____ Page number(s) (if
applicable) are always placed in the
parenthetical citation.
_____ Parenthetical citations at the
end of the sentence are followed by
the appropriate punctuation mark
(comma or period) [Unless you
indent the entire quotation].
_____ Quotations of four or fewer
lines are placed within double
quotation marks
General Format Specifications
_____Spell numbers of one or two
words [three, five million].
_____Use numerals for numbers of
more than two words [3.56 2,456
1,489 602].
Works Cited Page
_____ “Works Cited” [without the
quotation marks] is centered at the
top of the page.
_____ The Works Cited page is a
separate page at the end of the
_____ The Works Cited page
_____ Thesis is clearly restated in
the conclusion of the paper.
_____ Minimum number of sources
(10) are included on the “Works
Cited” page.
_____ ALL borrowed material is
Research Paper Rubric
10 – 9
Above Average
Below Average
_____ MLA Format: The paper should follow the MLA format rules.
_____ Paragraph and Paper Unity: Each maintains a clear focus.
_____ Paper Unity: Avoids digressions and off-topic discussions.
_____ Use of Transitions: Smooth links provided both within and between paragraphs.
_____ Quotations: Should be clearly introduced.
_____ Sentence Sophistication: Variety and complexity in syntax.
_____ Sophisticated Diction: Word choice shows variety and preciseness.
_____ Introduction: Leads into topic and provides thesis.
_____ Conclusion: Broadens or returns to idea of introduction.
_____ Conventions: Should be near perfect in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
_____ Clarity of Thesis: The paper should make a clear central point or argument.
_____ Depth of Thesis: Should be a topic under dispute or worthy of clarification.
_____ Thoroughness of Discussion: Should account for all elements of the argument.
_____ Integration of Analysis and Research: The paper should display your understanding of the
borrowed material while engaging in original thought. MUST have ten sources.
_____ MLA Documentation: Bibliography and citations should follow models to perfection.
_____ Direct Quotes: Should be integrated smoothly and with purpose.
_____ Use of Critical Sources: Should be used throughout the paper.
_____ Analysis of Evidence: Chosen quotes should be discussed.
_____ Relevance: Sources used should be relevant to points being made.
_____ Quality of Critical Sources: Should be from clearly authoritative sources.
_____ / 200
TOTAL POINTS (Ten points per element)
0-40/F 41-81/D 82-122/C 123-163/B 165-200/A

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