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Solved by verified expert:A Minimum of 6 pages at least. It stated 8-9 but 6 is okay as long as all the questions are answered. Please message me if you have any questions. I attached the guidelines below as well as the theory i need to use which is “Expectancy Violations Theory (EVT)”” powerpoint. Thank you.


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Expert answer:Communication Theory
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Analyzing Communication Theory Paper Guidelines (150 points)
COMM 100; Spring 2018
Dr. Falon Kartch
General Objective
As we make our way through the semester you are becoming more and more
knowledgeable about the variety of communication theories and both the objective and
interpretive approaches to research and theory. An important goal of this class to not only
become comfortable with a variety of theories, but also be able to read and think critically
about how these theories are refined, tested, and otherwise used within communication
research. This paper requires you to refine these skills and show off how knowledgeable
you are becoming about theory. J
For this assignment, you will write an 8-9 page double-spaced paper (not including title
page and reference page) in which you will engage in a critical application of a
communication theory we have discussed in class this semester. The purpose of this
assignment is to illustrate the strengths of communication theory and its application to a
variety of communication situations. You will begin this final paper by selecting one of
the theories that we have discussed this semester and, using our library database, find an
academic article that uses this theoretical approach to analyze some type of
communication/discourse phenomenon/relationship.
Once you have found an article, you will need to describe the theoretical background of
the selected theory; however, this assignment differs from the application logs in that you
must draw upon additional research not just the readings from this class. For this
assignment, you need to incorporate a minimum of 6 scholarly sources (not counting
the article that you select to summarize!) into your final paper. You are strongly
encouraged to use both the reference page from the textbook and your academic article to
find additional research. Those are great starting points.
Basic Tasks for this Analysis
1. Select a communication theory and summarize your theory in general. So… What
communication encounters does this theory address (relational development, media,
group communication, etc.)? What does this theory explain and/or predict about human
communication? What are the main tenants, components, or variables within this theory?
What does this theory contribute to what we know about communication? [Here is where
you are going to be utilizing some of the those outside, scholarly sources.]
2. Find a scholarly article in communication that uses your selected theory. Your article
will either test your theory or it will use your theory to explore a specific communication
3. Get “article approval” from me. You will need to share your article with me prior to
working on your paper in order to get “approval” from me. This step is designed to help
you refine your ideas and get you started on your paper. The quality of your paper rests
on finding an article that fits within the parameters of the assignment. If you do not find
an article that actually uses a communication theory, you are not going to be able to write
a solid paper, so this approval step is here so that we can work together to make sure you
are setting yourself up for success on this paper. Article approval is due no later than
April 13th. In order to receive approval from me, you must email me with the following
information: (1) the full APA citation of your article, and (2) your full article in PDF
format attached to the email. Please do not hesitate to ask me if you have ANY questions
about finding and selecting an article.
4. Do scholarly research on your theory. How have the theorists themselves written about
the theory? How have other scholars described the theory? How have other scholars used
this theory? These sources are found in academic journals that you can access through
our library website. They can also be found in scholarly books published about theory
and communication. You will need to read these sources in order to get a deeper
understanding of your theory beyond what your textbook has described. If you have any
trouble here, talk to me. In most cases I’ll be able to give you some idea of where to look
for your sources. Encyclopedias, Wikipedia, .com websites, and magazines are NOT
scholarly. If you have questions as to whether your source is “legit” for this paper, please
talk to me about it. If you would like to also cite our textbook (Griffin, Ledbetter, &
Sparks), that is fine, but it will NOT count as one of your outside sources. The
textbook would be an “extra” source on top of the 6 you are required to have and it
should be used sparingly. You should NOT cite textbooks from other courses.
5. Use your scholarly sources to present a detailed, thoughtful, and insightful discussion
of the theory you have chosen for this paper.
6. Describe the research article you have selected. What is the author(s) studying using
this theory? Summarize the articles findings – what are their conclusions? What does this
theory allow the researcher to say about specific communication phenomena? How are
they using theory in their article? What are some benefits/strengths to using this
theoretical approach? Conversely, what are some limitations that the authors have to
overcome? [Hint… Think back to the objective and interpretive approaches and our
discussions about them in class. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each?]
7. Finally, given that we have discussed so many communication theories this semester,
describe another communication theory that the researcher(s) from your article could
have used to study the communication phenomena that was of interest to them. For
example, if the author of your article used relational dialectics to explore stepfamily
relationships, you might argue here that they also could have used social exchange theory
to explore stepfamily relationships. You should be creative in this section and address
how different theories can be applied to the same relationships and encounters for
different reasons and/or to find out slightly different information.
8. Format your paper so that it meets the guidelines of APA 6th edition. This means your
paper should have a title page and a reference page, that the reference page should meet
APA 6 criteria, and that all your in-text citations should also meet he criteria of APA 6. I
have posted some information about APA 6 on Blackboard as a guide to help you. Please
let me know if you have ANY questions about citation style.
What your paper should look like…
Briefly outline/preview what you are going to do in this paper (i.e., describe the purpose
of the paper, and highlight the main points that you will be addressing in the body of your
paper). Present a clear and concise thesis statement so that I know at one glance what
your paper is about.
First, summarize your theory. Provide some background on the theory – how old is the
theory? What is the importance of this theory? What does this theory explain and/or
predict about communication? What are the contributions of this theory for the field of
Next, provide a summary of the academic article that you have selected for this paper.
What type of relationship did they study? What did they test for? What communication
event/situation is the focus of this analysis? Why did the researchers use the theory that
they used? What justification did they provide for this? Did they talk about any
limitations to using this theory? If so, what were they? What did they find? Tell me about
the results of their study. It is very important that you are summarizing this study in
YOUR OWN WORDS. Try not to rely too heavy on direct quotes. You might not
understand everything that is presented and that is okay. Your job is to provide an overall
understanding of the article. You do not need to understand all the statistics that might be
in some of your sources in order to do that, so don’t worry about that. Look for big
picture findings and focus on describing those findings (in your own words) in your
paper. You can do it!
Finally, identify what other theory the researchers could have used and discuss why this
would be a sound alternative approach to the study. In other words, what made you
choose to look at this relationship/event/situation from theory “x”? Summarize the new
theory – what are the main contributions to the field of communication? Hint: You should
have some outside research on this theory as well, because you will need to draw on it
here. Explain how you could explore the same relationship/event/situation using this new
theory. How might your results be similar and/or different? How would this new study
contribute to what we know about communication?
Summarize what you have done in this paper – refer back to your thesis statement and
reiterate your argument. Make some concluding (and insightful!) statements about why
communication theory is important and what it is able to do for us. To answer this, you
should reflect on your experiences in class this semester. I really want you to engage this
question and provide a thorough and insightful discussion regarding the importance of
communication theory.
Reference Page
Create a reference page formatted using APA 6. You should have no less than 8 sources
on this reference page. These are your 6 outside sources plus a citation for the article you
selected to summarize for the article summary. If you decide to use your textbook as an
added source, then you should have an minimum of 8 sources on your reference page
because the textbook does not count as one of your outside scholarly sources.
Analyzing Communication Theory Paper Grade Sheet
Introduction (6 pts.)
Did you describe the purpose of your paper? Did you present a clear and concise thesis
6 pts. possible
Theory Summary (30 pts.)
Did you present a thorough description of the communication theory? Did you address
the importance of this theory? Did you highlight what this theory explains and/or predicts
about communication? Did you use outside scholarly research to assist you in building
this section?
Theory Summary
30 pts. possible
Article Summary (25 pts.)
Did you thoroughly describe your research article including how they used the theory,
what they studied, and why they decided to use that specific theory? Did you explain
their results? Is your description of the article in your own words?
Article Summary
25 pts. possible
Alternate Theory Discussion (35 pts.)
Did you identify another theory the researcher(s) could have used and discuss why this
would be a sound alternative approach to the study? Did you summarize this alternative
theory? Did you highlight what this theory explains and/or predicts about
communication? Did you address what could have been learned about communication
and/or relationships from using this theory to explore the relationship/event/situation?
Did you use outside scholarly research to assist you in building this section?
Alt. Theory Discussion
35 pts. possible
Conclusion (20 pts.)
Did you do a nice job of summarizing your paper and analysis? Did you address why
communication theory is important and what it is able to do for us? Was your explanation
20 pts. possible
Sources & APA 6 format (20 pts.)
Do you have 6 solid outside scholarly sources on communication concepts? Have you
followed APA 6 format according to the examples made available?
Sources & APA
20 pts. possible
General Writing (14 pts.)
Is your paper well written? Is it free of typos, spelling errors, and other proofreading
mistakes? Is your paper coherent, thorough, complete, and informative? Did you use
transitions to help your paper flow? Did you summarize your scholarly sources in your
own words?
14 pts. possible
TOTAL (out of 150 pts.) _____
Expectancy Violations Theory (EVT)
Dr. Falon Kartch
COMM 100

Dmitri – Phone Message

Expectations exert significant influence on people’s interaction

Violations of expectations may arouse and distract recipients

Originated with nonverbal communication… now includes both
nonverbal and verbal communication

Goal of EVT… to link surprising interpersonal behavior and
attraction, credibility, influence, and involvement

3 core concepts of EVT…


Violation valance

Communicator reward valance

Expectancy: what people predict will happen, rather than what
they desire

Context: cultural norms and setting

Relationship: similarity, familiarity, liking, relative status

Communicator characteristics: things like…age, sex,
appearance, personality, style
Violation Valance

Violation valance: perceived positive or negative value assigned to a
breach of expectations, regardless of who the violator is

How do I feel about this expectancy violation?

When someone deviates from expectations we go into evaluation

But what if the violation is

…then we need to
consider communicator
reward valence…
Communicator Reward Valence

Communicator reward valence: sum of positive or negative
attributions brought to the encounter plus the potential to reward or
punish in the future

Result of our mental audit of the positive and negatives

Mix of good and bad
Communicator Reward Valence

Positive attributes?

Status, ability, good looks, positive thrust to conversation
Negative attributes?

Disinterest, disapproval, distrust, rejection

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