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Solved by verified expert:Considering the language from the Grading Rubric for the Week 5 Final Project, ask questions and give suggestions that will assist your classmates in further developing their Final Project. Avoid generic compliments or criticisms, as neither will assist your classmates; instead, strive to provide timely, substantive, and directive feedback, which will be most helpful toward the finalization of the portfolio. Your responses must demonstrate a sophisticated understanding or application of the concepts covered in Week 4. At least two of your responses should be a minimum of 150 words.There are two classmates posts that I need to reply to in the attached document. Reply to both using the info above.

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Expert answer:Feedback to Classmates
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For my final assignment my topic is Adolescent Obesity in high school age. In our
country, we have seen a rise of cases of type 2 diabetes in adolescents “Currently,
more than 200 children and adolescents develop the disease every day worldwide. But
healthy eating and lifestyle habits are a strong defense against the disease.” (Begum &
Rahman 2017, pg. 1). For a little back ground currently as many of you are aware our
former First Lady Michelle Obama was a big supporter on healthy nutrition in school
lunches. To the point that the she led a campaign to pass the Health, Hunger-Free Kids
Act of 2010. The only problem is that a majority of this focus was for elementary and
middle school age students. There are healthy options for high school students but a
majority of them do not eat healthy. For my project I purpose that a curriculum base
program be added to the current Health Class this program is called PICK
SMART. The goal of PICK SMART is to better educate high school age students in
making healthier food choices. This can help decrease the number of health issues that
we are seeing in young adults and even better would be a decrease in adult cases. The
students grow physically with sports and increase social skills with friends. Although the
students are becoming adults, they still need a guided hand in making the right
decisions for their future, and one element students overlook is their health. The
program would not only educate the student on nutrition but would provide a counseling
and guidance to students who have issues with food. One example of this is with size
of food. In our world we have gone to Super-Size, Biggie Size, and Mega gulps. What if
we could help a student understand that they can still have their fast food, but in
It would even help them look at their own genetics of obesity in their family. One other
aspect of PICK SMART will be to change some of the options available to high school
students. To clarify my goal is to test this out in a high school in my area. This current
high school daily has the school lunch, but also fast food options like Chick-filet, Burger
King, and a Taco Stand. What the PICK SMART Program is suggesting is to eliminate
a daily fix of these fast food and substitute a salad bar, and more healthy option. The
school can still offer the fast food but limit it maybe once a week or even better once a
The program would be developed by certified nutritionist, dietician, and teachers. With
having both of specialist we can cover the nutritional parts and then put the data into a
curriculum form that could be taught. The second part is once the curriculum is
developed it will need approval from the student, parents, teachers, and the Board of
Education. This is being the program gets tricky. One we must factor in the food. Will
the students except the new program and eliminate their fast food to only a few times a
month? Will parents and teachers be on board to change the curriculum for the
students? Finally, will the Board of Education not only support a change in the Health
class but the cost of changing the food?
To help you understand why I believe in this program is from personal experience with
not only obesity but type 2 diabetes. I always think back if someone would of just help
counsel me I may not have weighed 300ib at graduation, and yes, I did finally wake up
and help myself. To give some more back ground. The American Diabetes Association
(ADA) (2015) reported that 30.3 million Americans have diabetes and out of that amount
193,000 Americans under the Age of 20 have been diagnosed with diabetes (ADA,
2015). But recently new statistics came out from The Journal of Diabetes and
Complication (2017) “Over 41 million children under the age of five years are overweight
or obese” (Provençal da Fonseca, Mastronardi, Johar, Arcos-Buirgos, Paz-Filho, 2017,
pg. 1).
The last challenge that PICK SMART faces is government involvement. With the
Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 some government officials believe that
government should stay out of the school lunch. One example was Senator Ted Cruz
stated “Schools, which receive federal funding for meal programs, won’t have to meet
certain guidelines for whole grains, sodium and milk” (Down Jones Institutional News,
2017, pg. 1). For me the Senator was saying if you get federal funding you should be
happy with whatever you get to eat for lunch healthy or not healthy. Well I do not agree
with this thinking. So, to wrap up an article in The New York Times (2013) stated: “The
American Medical Association (AMA) has officially recognized obesity as a disease”
(Pollack, 2013, pg. B1). Like all diseases we of course want a cure, but why not take a
pro-active approach and prevent the disease.
Begum, U., Rahman, M. (2017, Jan. 1). “Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Children and
Adolescents: An update.” Journal of Bangladesh College of Physicians & Surgeons
2017, Vol. 35, Issue 1, p24-30).
Retrieved from:
PXM4ODU2ODk3JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZQ%3d%3d#AN=123506994&db=a9h (Lin
ks to an external site.)Links to an external site.
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Lunch Standards – Update.” Dow Jones Institutional News; New York (2017) [Wire
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Pollack, A., (2013, Jun. 18). “A.M.A. Recognizes Obesity as a Diseases.” The New York
(2013, Issue Jun. 19).
Retrieved from:
Provençal da Fonseca , A., Mastronardi, C., Johar, A., Arcos-Buirgos, M., Paz-Filho, G.
Oct 1). “Genetics of non-syndromic childhood obesity and the use of high-throughput
DNA sequencing technologies.” Journal of Diabetes and its Complications; Philadelphia
(Vol. 31, Issue 10, pg. 1549-1561).
Retrieved from: (Links to an external
site.)Links to an external site.
In this week’s first discussion post, I wrote that creative problem-solving means the
process of overcoming predictable and apparent lines of thinking with having the ability
to think new thoughts that are filled with creative techniques (Forgeard & Kaufman,
2016). For many people, creativity often leads their thoughts toward an expression of
art, music or some other similar form. For other people, creativity often leads their
thoughts toward a person who thinks in this fashion and how they express themselves
artistically. Creativity, however, is so much more than an expression of art or being
creatively inspired to write, draw, sing, design, or even to sculpt. As we have seen not
only in this honors class but in many of our previous courses here at Ashford University,
creativity is so much more in life. Finding solutions to life’s problems. Finding answers to
questions in how we co-exist with one another. Starting a business, or even adding new
thoughts to an existing business, adds a fresh breath to how creativity can be further
defined. However, as the topic of my final week’s social issue, there could be so much
more in the field of international law and justice in which creativity can be applied
towards this field.
Creativity, as hinted at earlier, is an expression of a person’s life. Sometimes, this living
piece of art finds its way into other people which, in turn, can inspire them as well.
Creativity can be viewed as the building blocks that form the foundation of innovation.
As we have read, innovation is the act of creativity coming to life. Whether it is through a
form of art, an idea for a business, an idea on how to make a business better, the way a
parent teaches a child or ways to get other people more involved in life, creativity can
be viewed as an inspiration in itself. These examples of creativity are what helped me to
decide on the final topic of international law and justice. What many people do not see
is that this, too, can be a field of creativity in its own right. Learning how to bring
differences together. Learning how to protect lives on a grander scale. It is the process
of erasing the differences within the world that can be viewed as an expression of
creativity. Knowing how to approach various problems from different views allows what
divides us to be changed into what unites us. In the second week’s assignment, we
looked at a quote from Jacques Attali and how it reflects change as well as how change
can be resisted in society. “We live in a world that is simultaneously shrinking and
expanding, growing closer and farther apart…National borders are increasingly
irrelevant. And yet globalism is by no means triumphant. Tribalism of all kinds flourish.
Irredentism abounds” (Attali, 1991, p117).
On a personal level, I view myself as creative in that I also consider myself an original. I
would prefer to think my own way, as well as to act my own way. If I see an idea that I
like, I try to find a way to repackage it with references towards the origin of the events
that had taken place. I also view other people as creative masterpieces in their own
right. With so many people living together on one single planet in which to share, one
would think that we would have more of an actual “utopia” in which we are living in a
golden age of humanity. However, in the reality in which we find ourselves presently
living in, we see quite the opposite. We see the tribalism that is known as nationalism
presenting its boundaries as siblings do on a long car ride in which an imaginary line
exists, and one sibling tells the other to stay on their side of the line. Inequality,
injustices, prejudices, selfishness, hatred, and so many other human emotions,
continually divide us all just as it has alienated so many of our ancestors in the past.
This is partially why I decided to choose the social issue of international law and justice,
as well as the idea that creative and innovative thinking can change our world, how we
live in the world, as well as change who we are as individuals.
Though not currently spectacular compared to the ideas I have for my Portfolium site I
view this as another way in which to share some tidbits of information on who I am, as
well as some of the ways in which I spend time investing in creativity. There are other
spaces that I tend to express who I am, but I do understand that I have not fully
scratched the surface of how I view myself in the world today. This life is a journey of
self-discovery for us all and how we share our lives with others around us. Along the
lines of my social issue topic of international law and justice, other sub-topics tag along
as passengers such as human rights. Granted, I am always thinking of ways in which to
help a business become more than what it currently is, I also think of ways in which we
could help one another “build” a better world for ourselves and for those who come after
us. What kind of world do we want to leave as our legacy? Do we want our greatgrandchildren to study history wondering why our nation was so blessed yet did not find
a way to use its wisdom to bridge the differences between regions of the world? How
can creativity be the key to unlocking the possibilities of a better tomorrow today? How
can we marry business and innovation to produce a world in which everyone can dream
their dreams of life? These and so many more reasons are why I decided to tackle the
social issue of international law and justice as listed by the United Nations (United
Nations, n.d.).
In closing of week four’s second discussion, one of the most significant issues that I
face regarding our final assignment is one that I face on a daily basis: over-thinking. I
tend to over-think problems and to over-analyze how I am going to tackle those
problems. I do not see this as a handicap, but sometimes it becomes an obstacle to
something that can be so easily handled. The project itself is not a worry, but instead,
how I will approach the project is. Another secondary issue that I may also encounter is
finding relevant resources that apply to the theme that I will wrap my final assignment
around. Thank you for reading this week’s discussion post, and I look forward to reading
yours as well!
Attali, J. (1991). Millennium: Winners and losers in the coming world order (L. Conners
& N. Gardels, Trans.). New York, NY: Times Books
Forgeard, M.J.C., & Kaufman, J.C. (2016). Who cares about imagination, creativity, and
innovation, and why? A review. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, & the Arts, 10(3),
United Nations, Global issues overview (n.d.). Retrieved from

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