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Solved by verified expert:Learning Plan 8AssignmentsLP8 Assignment: Informative AbstractThis assignment will assess the following competency: 8. Synthesize research findings.Directions: This week you are going to write an informative abstract. This page will appear after your Table of Contents in your research paper. The informative abstract should be an overview of your full project. The informative abstract must:• identify the need(s) or issue(s) that prompted the report,• describe the research methods used,• review the main findings (data gathered from your questionnaire and review of literature), and• condense the conclusions and recommendations.*Just an f.y.i, see feed back below regarding attached Questionnaire:Keep the questionnaire brief and concise. Some questionnaires give the impression that their authors tried to think of every conceivable question that might be asked with respect to the general topic of concern. The result is a very long questionnaire causing annoyance and frustration on the part of the respondents resulting in non-return of mailed questionnaires and incomplete or inaccurate responses on questionnaires administered directly. To avoid this first potential problem the investigator must define precisely the information desired and endeavor to write as few questions as possible to obtain it. Peripheral questions and ones to find out “something that might just be nice to know” must be avoided. A clear-cut need for every question should be established.


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Expert answer:LP8 Assignment: Informative Abstract
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Strategies for Managing a Multi-Generational
Proposal Project – Introduction
Kathylean Ashburn-Riley
April 8, 2018
Strategies for Managing a Multi-Generational
Thesis statement: Effective management of multi-generational workforce within business
organizations is a multifaceted aspect that enhances an organization to attain an outstanding
competitive advantage.
1. Introduction
Effective management of diversified organizational workforce is of great value in the process
of streamlining corporate social responsibility and fine-tuning business process for productivity
to be enhanced. Diversification is a type of development strategy, (Nigel,11 May 2005).
Expansion procedures comprise a huge increase in the execution targets (normally deals or piece
of the pie) past levels of execution. Many organizations try to find at least one kinds of
development actions. One of the vital rationales behind the diversification in the development
strategy is a view that is held by many financial managers that profit maximization is key in
every to every business operation. The growth of the business deals with frequently the measure
that is used in executing duties. Regardless of whether profits are going to increase or stay stable
or decrease, the growth in business fulfil different goals.
Rewards for both managers and the supervisors are very important whenever the company is
seeking to attain the development strategy. Managers should be given tips for any work well
done so as to get motivated to work and attain more. There are challenges as well in trying to
attain the desired goals in workplace. Some include the challenge of stakeholders being afraid of
engaging in change process due to fear of unknown. Moreover, poor communication is the major
cause of business failure that we are seen today. Effective leadership skills should well have
utilized, especially the democratic one, to promote self-esteem among the employees,
(Schermerhorn et al., 2014).
Indomitable management of multi-generational workforce within organizations is an
indicator of a leader having situational leadership skills; important in eliminating social
nuisances within an organization, (Kilbourne, July 14, 2010). Thus, the leaders don’t have to
create ‘age particular’ aptitudes. They ought to have the capacity to flex and adjust leadership
styles to the necessities of every person. We don’t characterize individuals and their necessities at
work by sexual orientation or social foundation, also, likewise it appears there is little proof for
making suppositions about the sort of workplace a worker needs given their age. Leaders who
are best at connecting with and propelling their groups – and who get higher execution, therefore
– draw on the scope of various leadership styles. They have the mindfulness to adjust their
leadership style to the individual and circumstance.
2. Unmatched Ways of Managing Multi-Generational Workforce
The unmatched ways of managing multi-generation workforce incorporate the following:
Firstly, the organization should possess the ability and necessary skills of understanding nature
of organizational discriminations, (Greenberg, 2004). This allows the organization to be able to
identify what needs to be done to ensure the operation is streamlined. Secondly, the organization
should determine individual tastes and preferences and all forms of preconceptions. The tastes
and preferences are important in identifying the unique personality well known as individual
differences which enables one to achieve desired goals of the organization.
Thirdly, the organization should focus on initiating investments in diversity training program.
The training program can be offered to the recruits or to the existing employees. The in-service
training is important to make the company operates more efficient by ensuring the workers know
the current methodology and technology. Fourthly, the organization should also focus on
creating empowered atmosphere through employee training and development programs. Fifthly,
the organization should outline all forms of adequate job descriptions within its premise. Other
ways include; Efficient team building to enhance the conducive working environment,
streamlining all channels of communication within an organization, indomitable conflict
management and resolution strategies within an organization and embracing leadership and
management theories at the workplace.
3. Challenges of Managing Multi-Generational Workforce
There are four main challenges in managing a multi-generational workforce. Firstly,
resistance to change by organizational stakeholders due to fear of the unknown. Some
stakeholders may be very rigid to change making it impossible for the company to attain the
desired change. Secondly, poor communication among people from divergent groups.
Communication efficiency is important in ensuring the effective management is attained,
(Andrade, 2010). Poor communication widens the gap between theoretical and practical plan.
Thirdly, the complications of disorganization within an organization may also lead to a
challenge. Lastly, different personal objectives and goals. The planners and the implementers
of a strategic plan may have different objective thus making the pre-set goals impossible to
be met.
4. Conclusion
Organizations that have embraced effective management of diversified workforce realize
many benefits. A multi-generational workforce is associated with skills, creativity,
experience, and knowledge. A multi-generational workforce is an essential requirement for
attaining of a unique competitive edge, attaining of success and limiting organizational
conflicts and attaining a powerful organizational workforce. Effective management of multigenerational workforce within business organizations is a multifaceted aspect that enhances
an organization to attain an outstanding competitive advantage.
Andrade, S. (2010). 6 Advantages of Workplace Diversity.
Greenberg, J. (2004). Diversity in the Workplace: Benefits, Challenges, and Solutions.
Kilbourne, C. (July 14, 2010). 5 Steps for Successfully Managing Diversity.
Nigel, B. (11 May 2005). The Paradox of Diversity Management, Creativity, and Innovation.
Schermerhorn, J., Davidson, P., Poole, D., Woods, P., Simon, Al., & McBarron, E. (2014)
Management: Foundations and Applications (2nd Asia-Pacific Edition). John Wiley &
Sons, Milton, Qld, Australia.
Research Method to Be Used
Author’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
The research method to be used and how the instrument for gathering primary data will be
The research method to be used while researching Strategies for Managing a Multi-generational
is a survey. Survey method involves discussion with various people on the issue of the research
topic through questionnaires and interviews to gather data from them (Dana and Allen, 2010).
The survey method is preferred because a large amount of information that will be useful in the
study of Strategies for Managing a Multi-generational workforce will be obtained. The collected
data is relevant for drawing a conclusion based on the research and coming up with
recommendations. In this case, the instrument for collecting data will be a questionnaire.
To carry out the survey, the group that should be surveyed includes the senior managers of
sample organizations, their employees and few customers of the sample organizations that will
be selected for data collection. The questionnaires will be designed for every group relating to
the information that is needed from the group (Dana and Allen, 2010). While constructing the
questionnaire, biases and wordy questions will be avoided. Simple words will be used, and the
questions will relate to managing a multigenerational workforce.
The number of people to be surveyed includes two senior managers from seven selected sample
organizations and five employees from each organization. Ten customers from each organization
will also be given a questionnaire for gathering data that will be relevant to the study. Each group
will be given a questionnaire, and they will be expected to answer the questions on the sheet of
paper. Some of the questions will be open-ended while others close-ended (Dana and Allen,
2010). The survey period will take approximately two months in that; the group will be
surveyed in two terms to determine if their information is consistent. Some of the questions to be
asked include what challenges are encountered while managing a multi-generational workforce?
What are its benefits and how can the challenges be eliminated? Survey method will assist in
obtaining a lot of information that is important in the research.
Dana Lynn Driscoll, Allen Brizee (2010). Creating Good Interview and Survey Questions.
Cover Letter
When managing multi-generational research questions, it is essential to employ the
most effective strategies to ensure that all multi-generational groups agree and cooperate to
work as a team regardless of age to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization.
These strategies include using survey questionnaire to gather the various opinions and views
of the respondents concerning the research questions being investigated.
The process of implementing these strategies will be challenging to the extent of
identifying the level of sincerity and honesty with which the participants respond to the
research questions. Selecting the most accurate questions to incorporate in the survey
questionnaire and sampling the best number of participants for the multigenerational research
questions is also challenging.
The key aspects that constitute the multi-generational in our workforce today are the
baby boomers, the Generation X, the Millennial, and the Generation Z. All these categories of
multi-generational workforce support organizational success and may approach leadership
through accessibility, by example and mentorship. It also incorporates aspects of
accountability and role play
The areas where multi-generational conflicts stem from include the various levels of
independence, level of skills and competence, digital literacy, and change management. Other
areas where conflict arises include communication styles, advancement of technology, tastes,
and preferences, norms, and behavior towards others.
Survey Questionnaire
Managing Workforce Diversity
This survey questionnaire seeks your opinions about the best way of Managing Workforce
Diversity. It covers all the components of Workforce Diversity and will take around 10
minutes of your time. Your time and expert opinion will contribute towards the more
significant cause of research and improve the current Workforce Diversity strategies. If a
question does not apply to you or you don’t know the answer, please answer “Does Not
Apply (DNA) or don’t know (DN).”
Managing Workforce Diversity is the crucial way of ensuring that an organization efficiently
utilizes its multigenerational workforce efficiently to achieve success. However, deciding the
best Workforce Diversity strategy is difficult and sometimes very challenging because of the
fear of uncertainty and lack of sufficient information relating to the various alternatives
Workforce Diversity measure. Workforce Diversity options bear a specific cost element that
organization must incur, and this means the Managing Workforce Diversity must be
undertaken efficiently
SECTION A: The Four Managing Workforce Diversity Strategies
How much do you agree or disagree with the following statements and what is the degree of
importance for you in the context of Managing Workforce Diversity?
1. Efficient Workforce Diversity is key to creating a “good strategic objective” to facilitate
practical completion of a project.
Absolute importance
Extreme importance
Strong importance
Moderate importance
2. For an organization that consumes substantial financial resource of the company, the
Workforce Diversity measures should be allocated based on the level of multigenerational
risk to control the likelihood of failing in a given task.
Absolute importance
Very strong importance
Strong importance
Moderate importance
3. For an organization that consumes huge financial resource of the company, the Workforce
Diversity measures should be viewed from the perspective of the level of complexity.
Absolute importance
Very strong importance
Strong importance
Moderate importance
4. For an organization that consumes huge financial resource of the company, the Workforce
Diversity measures should be allocated based on the extent to which the management values
Absolute importance
Very strong importance
Strong importance
Moderate importance
5. For an organization that consumes substantial financial resource of the company, the
Workforce Diversity measures should be allocated based on the variability in risks, risk
allocation schemes and the level of flexibility
Absolute importance
Very strong importance
Strong importance
Moderate importance
Section B: Comparative Ratings between Cost Efficiency, Time Savings and Quality
Enhancement to Optimizing Better Risk-Return Ratio in Workforce
Diversity Strategy
1. This section requires you to mark personal opinion about the relative importance of
building Cost Efficiencies to optimizing better risk-return ratio in Workforce Diversity
1 Equally important
3 Slightly important
5 Strongly important
7 Very strongly important
9 Absolutely important
Does Not Apply or Don’t Know
2. This section requires you to mark personal opinion about the relative importance of
building Quality Enhancement to optimizing better risk-return ratio in Workforce Diversity
1 Equally important
3 Slightly important
5 Strongly important
7 Very strongly important
9 Absolutely Important
Does Not Apply or Don’t Know
3. This section requires you to mark personal opinion about the relative importance of
building Time Savings to optimizing better risk-return ratio in Workforce Diversity strategy.
1 Equally important
3 Slightly important
5 Strongly important
7 Very strongly important
9 Absolutely important
Does Not Apply or Don’t Know
Workforce Diversity Strategies
Regarding your experience with Workforce Diversity Strategies, which industry is most
affected by Workforce Diversity challenges?
Transport Industry (rail, Road or Marine)
Building Industry
Engineering Management Consultancy
Asset Management Consultancy
Property and Asset Management
Facilities Management
Any other
Which of the following role, responsibilities, authorities, and accountabilities are charged
with the implementation of Managing Workforce Diversity strategies?
Supply chain management
Strategic Procurement
Financial Management
Risk and Insurance
Quality assurance
Project and Program management
Executive and administrative
How Long Should A Workforce Diversity Strategy Take To Qualify To Be Regarded As An
Managing Workforce Diversity Strategy?
2-5 Years
6-10 Years
11-15 Years
16-25 Years
26-30 Years
30 Years or more
Any other
For How Long Have You Been Associated With Workforce Diversity For Project Deliveries?
2-4 Years
5-10 Years
11-15 Years
15-20 Years
20 Years or more
SECTION E: This Section Requires You to Give Your Personal Opinion concerning
Managing Workforce Diversity Strategies for Project Management. Please feel free to give
your independent and honest opinion about Managing Workforce Diversity strategies for
project management to achieve better value for money, risk-return ration.
Lnnon M. J & Gurak L. J (2017). Technical Communications 14th Edition. Pearson Education

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