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Expert answer:peer review
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Please peer review for two students that I’m going to upload their
files, do the peer reviewed the paper for (ANALYSIS, EVIDENCE,
Gibbs 1
Amanda Gibbs
Jarad Fennell
ENC 1102
February 25, 2018
Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing: Opioids in America
Every twenty minutes, someone is killed due to drug abuse. The last twenty years in
particular have shown a prominent uprising of opioid related deaths. The United States, being
the world’s top opioid consumer, absorbs “80 percent of all opioids globally, despite only
making up 5 percent of the world population” (Baker 3). This epidemic arose from a change in
America’s healthcare system, specifically, the inclusion of pain as a vital sign. This epidemic
continues to destroy more and more lives each year. The longer that The United States goes
without creating a solution, the more it will effect it’s citizens. Education is the first step towards
making a change. Therefore it is extremely important to not only be educated on the destruction
that opioids are bringing to our country, but also be empowered to take action by participating in
organizations such as Physicians for responsible opioid prescribing (PROP), and the National
Suicide Hotline.
The history of Opioids in the united states is just as old as the nation itself. The civil war
in particular launched the epidemic as, “The Union Army alone issued nearly 10 million opium
pills to its soldiers… even doctors turned to morphine to relieve female patients’ menstrual
cramps” (Trickey). This overprescription of opioids jumpstarted the epidemic with serious
implications. The longer that The United States goes without creating a solution, the more it will
effect it’s citizen’s. Not everyone is able to physically see this epidemic in their community, but
the numbers are continuing to grow as, “Some 77 million Americans are personally affected in
Gibbs 2
some way by the opioid epidemic, and at least 91 Americans die every day from an opioid
overdose.” These numbers are only expected to grow and eventually could effect you or your
loved ones.
So how do we terminate this crisis? One way to support the movement is getting involved
with organizations that support the reduction of mortality from the abuse of opioids. Physicians
for Responsible Opioid Prescribing, organization is made up of primarily health professionals
whose mission is to “reduce morbidity and mortality resulting from prescribing of opioids and to
promote cautious, safe and responsible opioid prescribing practices” (Kolondy 1). This is a great
organization, specifically for healthcare professionals to learn how to educate their patients who
are prescribed this dangerous drug. Many people become addicted to the opioids prescribed by
doctors because they are not properly educated on how to use them and dispose of them safely. If
someone does not use them correctly, taking them too often, they are at a serious risk of
becoming addicted. Once someone is addicted, it can be both difficult and painful to stop. Once
someone becomes addicted to prescribed opioids, they will eventually run out. In many cases,
people turn to herion, a cheaper, yet riskier alternative. Getting involved with organizations such
as Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing is just one small step one can take that has the
potential to save precious lives.
Even if you are unable to get involved with an organization, there are other steps you can
take to make a difference starting at home. If you are suspecting that someone you know is
struggling with addiction, look out for, “constricted pupils, slow breathing,/isolation, extra pill
bottles turning up in the trash, or flu like symptoms” (Effects of Opioid Use). Confront them and
offer them support and guidance which will make a significant impact on them whether that
Gibbs 3
means connecting them with a mental healthcare professional, or utilizing the National Suicide
Prevention hotline, another organization which aims to help those struggling with addiction.
Education and empowering American citizens is the first step toward halting the opioid
epidemic which has been prevalent since the beginning of the nation. It is vital to take action
against the epidemic to prevent so many more lives from being lost. Joining organizations such
as PROP to ensure healthcare professionals are safely prescribing and education patients, and
even being supported to struggling friends can save lives, bettering our community.
Work’s Cited
Gibbs 4
Baker, Matthew. “The Worst Drug Epidemic in US History.” The Journal of Global Drug Policy
and Practice ,
Kolodny, Andrew. “PROP | Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing -.” PROP, 2018,
Trickey, Erick. “19th-Century Opiate Addiction.”, Smithsonian Institution, 4
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Gorshi 1
Abdi Gorshi
Jarad Fennel
ENC 1102
24 March 2018
Is more spending what we need?
Lately there has been a topic that has risen within the United States government about the
expansion of the military budget. The president was talking about the 1.5 trillion infrastructure,
which will be divided into multiple weapon development including nuclear weapons. The money
will also be used to increase the wages, also add more money on adding equipment (Rizzo &
Lendon, 2018). The United States is ranked top when it comes to military budget, spending $616
billion on Military while the second nation is China which spends $215 billion. When I started
researching the topic the budget increase that they were going for was around a $100 billion
upon the $616 billion, but since that time the pentagon has accepted an increase of $80 billion
claiming its inorder to counter the act of China and Russia. That might be good reason to
increase the budget, but there are a lot of effects that are caused by the increase and by looking at
the information you will know why you should try stopping the budget increase.
The United States military budget is three times as much as the next competitor, so if you
are saying that we need $80 million more to stay ahead that means we are not distributing our
budget in the right way. Now I’m not saying that we should decrease it, but the 80 million that
they just increase could have went to education, gun control could have went to any other issues
that are within the United States that would generally affect the military in a good way. By
spending it on education they can obtain a better generation of students, which will lead to a
Gorshi 2
better scientist, researchers for weapon, doctors, engineer and other jobs. Now the US is leading
in military budget but in other criteria such as education we are lacking, and countries like China
who are spending less than us is gaining better jobs because outsourcing jobs. So by taking away
money from parts of the United States that needed more and giving it to military budget we are
helping other countries and away.
Now I’m not against the government for spending money to protect us, but what does $80
billion do that the $616 billion couldn’t do. On CNN the Pentagon mentioned they are increasing
the budget to two the increase of Budget Inn Russia and China, but China’s budget is $215
billion why Russia is $70 billion. The that China and Russia are increasing the budget it’s true for
China because they are trying an 8% increase in their budget (Rizzo & Lendon, 2018) while
Russia is planning to decrease their spending over the next five years (Ditz, 2018). You can’t be a
hundred percent sure about the information provided by the news outlets, but such a small
amount of increase still doesn’t get them any closer.
Now let’s talk about the advantage and disadvantages that are caused by this military
budget increase. Yes the government is taking money from other organizations to fund this
budget increase, but there are good things that come out of it as the president said it will fund
many weapon development, it will also fund a pay raise which is deserved by our military. The
most important of all is the increase of security for all the United States citizens. But does that
outweigh the negatives, paying for a war that doesn’t exist saying its preparation could start a
war. In the speech the president made on CNN he said “we are modernizing a brand new nuclear
force, frankly we have to do it because others are doing if they stop we will stop in two minutes”
(Rizzo & Lendon, 2018). But who will stop first, will it stop at all?
Gorshi 3
Now what if our government stop increasing the budget, where would the money go, and
what will it benefit within the United States? “Through this expansion of military spending the
White House calls for a 24% cut to the EPA’s budget, according to the Trump administration”
(Mello, 2017). That would have a huge impact on our planet, Trump might not believe in global
warming but the EPA deals with more than that; it saves trees, keeps an eye over industries and
overview a lot of safety for our earth from the water that we drink to the animals that live on this
planet. While the military budget holding three fourth of the US budget, other minor parts are
decreasing. Another one of those is “I.R.S, where budgets would be slashed by 14%. With these
cuts to the I.R.S. budget, the amount of investigations towards tax fraud, money laundering,
identity theft, and cyber crime would decrease” (Mello, 2017). While claiming its for our own
good to increase the military budget we are taking away a lot, and this is just a few that are
So we seen the positives and negatives of the military spending increasing, now I am not
saying that our nation should decrease the budget but stop increasing it which just puts us more
in depth, decreasing our economy while plummeting our GDP. I told you my viewpoint on this
issue hope you understood why we need to change the view of our government. You might say
what will one person do but you aren’t alone, even if you are alone one person can change a
world or a viewpoint of another hope that I did that.
Gorshi 4
Works Cited
Ditz, Jason. “Russia Intends to Substantially Cut Military Spending Over Next Five Years.”
News From, 24 Mar. 2018, intends-tosubstantially-cut- military-spending-over-next-five-years/.
Mello, Dallin. “The Costs and Benefits of Increased Military Spending.” The Bottom Line, 7
Mar. 2017,
Rizzo, Jennifer, and Lendon, Brad. “Pentagon Asks for Major Budget Increase amid Global
Threats.” CNN, /Cable News Network, 13 Feb. 2018, increase-trump/index.html.

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