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Practitioner reflection


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Instructor Feedback
This is a wonderful first milestone submission. Your answers
were thoughtful but a few needed more detail which required
accessing the portal link in the case study. I also want to
encourage you to use citations and references in all your
Have a great day!
Family and Community System Factors: Provides an accurate
overview of the family and community system factors driving the
negative issues
Family and Community Strengths: Provides an accurate overview
of the family and community strengths
Small Groups: Identifies small groups in the community but they
lack relevant details such as the names of the groups and their
Advocacy Efforts: Summarizes advocacy efforts but theylack
relevant details
Articulation of Response: Submission has major errors related to
citations in that none are present.
Instructor Feedback
This is a good submission that is organized and thoughtful.
There is an error in that you name only a genogram but your
diagram is not of a genogram. Also, there were a few places
where more detail is needed. Please be sure to use citations and
references. For example a citation about the instruments would
have been appropriate.
Family: Instrument(s) Selection and Justification: Selects one or
more systemic family analysis instrument(s) for determining
what is appropriate and provides justification
Family: Information Derived: Summarizes the information that
was derived from the assessment but this is very limited and
does not detail the information.
Family: Interventions or Resources: Recommend interventions or
resources that could be beneficial for the family based on the
assessment. However more detail would be helpful.
Community: Instrument(s) Selection and Justification: Does not
indicate the selection of a second instrument or provide
Community: Information Derived: Summarizes the information
derived from the assessment and discusses how it will frame the
Community: Interventions or Resources: Recommend
interventions or resources that could be beneficial for the
community based on the assessment
Articulation of Response: Submission has major errors related to
citations, in that none appear
Various factors are at play in this case study. The Riverez family is placed in a difficult
position not only with their family, but also in the community in which they resigned. Due to the
violence, and the poverty rate in their community there has been a major drop in the overall
population. People are being killed for the smallest things. Gang violence is a major concern in
their community, crime rate has risen which leads to more death and other violent behaviors.
Being a resident in the Englewood area in Chicago, Illinois residents are living in fear, they are
worried about their family’s safety because they don’t know when their day will come, whether
from being in the wrong place at the wrong time, getting robbed, or something is simple as
walking home.
With the Riverez family living in a minority community and being a minority themselves
it put a lot of pressure on them making easy for them to feel overwhelmed and stressed out. With
Julio not being able to speak proper English, not being able to find a better job to move his
family in a safer neighborhood, and being shot in the chest when rival gang members fought for
turf in front of their apartment is putting major strain on the family. Although Julio survived
being shot, he was left with health issues resulting from extensive scar tissue in his lungs.
The Riverez family has been though a lot not only because of the problems in their
community,y but of the tension between their families. Quianna’s family has cut her off; they
consider her an outsider to their culture for not marrying an African American man. On the other
hand, Julio has also been cut off from the extended family because they feel that he has not
followed in their traditions, regarding religious beliefs. With Julio and Quianna family not
wanting anything to do with them has left them to deal with life on their own with no support
from them. The Riverez family is going through so much, but the strength that is apparent in the
family is Julio strong work ethics, and the fact that the family has a close bond, with their
strength and getting help from the community will take some of the stress off the family.
Despite all the problems that the Riverez family and others in the community are facing,
there has been some positive outcome. Residents are coming together and forming organizations
in order to make Englewood a better and safer place to live. There are organizations such as the
CeaseFire Illinois, which is set in place to help stop violence within the community, the Cure
Violence to make the community safer. There is also other resources available and helpful
information located on the Englewood Portal. On the portal members have access to different
organizations such as block clubs, social service organization support, churches, employment
opportunities, and other helpful resources. With the resources and opportunities that are available
to the people living in Edgewood, if taking advantage of the community will much a better and
safer place to live.
Systemic analysis of the family
The family that is highlighted in this case needs assistance on different levels including
food and health care. Julie is the bread winner of the house, even though he’s is currently
working two jobs it is still not enough to for the necessary things the family need, they cannot
afford to buy groceries, and pay their bill and knowing that there are young children in he home
it is important that they get the nutritional food they need. I would help the family to get food
assistance with the department of social services (DSHS). Julio’s wife Quianna is not able to
bring in any income at the moment because she is in charge of staying home and take care of the
children due to the fact that financially they cannot afford to place them in daycare at the
moment. Placing the young children in daycare would be ideal for Quianna because it will take
away some of her stress. Finding a program for the teenage son such as an afterschool program
or a program such as Big Brother program to try and set him on the right path would also be an
option for the family. Getting Julio and Quianna into a GED class to help them find a better job
where they are able to bring in more income would help the family a lot.
Julia was shot, which left him with health problems, Quianna is always tired, not getting
enough sleep, which is causing her to have nightmares. I think she is suffering from PTSD and
Post traumatic depression. I would enroll the family into the medical program to get them the
medical help they need. With this program Quianna can get help for the PTSD and Postpartum
depression and Julio can be seen for his chronic pain due to being shot.
The instrument I choose is the ecomap. With the ecomap assessment it will help show the
social and personal relationships between individuals and their community agencies. What I
learn from the Riverez family by doing the ecomap is that it would be beneficial to get their
extended family involved in their lives so that they can get support from their families which
would decrease some of the stress the family is going through.
Genograms and Ecomaps of Julio and Quianna
This is an example of Julio and Quianna ecomap family’s ecology. The lines between these
circles represent assessments of the quality of the relationships between Julio and Quianna
children and family.
The Flow of Energy
• Strong relationship =

no relationship =

little relationship =

one way relationship =
son Rico 15
Julio and
out of
Stay at
Human service care plan
The human service engagement, in this case, focuses on the existing issues within the
family and the community. The key basis of the plan will be to counter the existing
psychological, behavioral and financial challenges that the family is faced with. Psychological
challenges, in this case, are caused by community situation where violence has been very high.
Integrating community-based programs will be significant in changing the current community
engagement. Individual and family-based therapy will be integrated into helping outline
important aspects that define positive engagement within the family. Participating in the
community-based organization will help improve the family financial position since it is one of
the important things that the family needs.
The possible outcomes, in this case, would be strong mental strength between Julio and
Quianna where they will be able to achieve a higher level of engagement within their family as
well as community integration. The wellbeing of the family is under threat based on financial
and psychological well-being.
Systemic analysis of the community
The Englewood community where the Riverez family currently lives have some serious
challenges, which include violence, poverty, and unemployment and gang afflictions. Therefore,
these factors form the basis under which the community has been unable to progress effectively
since there is a limited focus under which better measures can be integrated. Poverty levels are
high due to the high rate of unemployment leading to high crop up of gangs within the
Human service care plan
Working with the community will be based on preventing the development of these
factors based on community-based interventions that have been put in places such as social
programs and faith-based organization, which are aimed at creating awareness of the current
situation within the community. The only way that it would be possible to counter the current
situation would be to increase on community-based programs to an emphasis on the need for
education and youth programs to change the perception and behavior among the youths within
the community.
The community residents are ready for the change process, and this is the most important aspect
that can ensure that the community is highly focused on rehabilitating the community. The
organizations and programs that have been developed to provide a better focus on the underlying
issues within the community. Quianna should utilize the existing job opportunities for lowincome individuals to help her husband Julio who is struggling to meet the family needs. The
Englewood Portal updates their calendar that has different programs and also shows job fairs,
hiring events and community meeting dates. Some of the available resources that would be
extremely helpful for the Riverez family are the section 8 program that is funded by the federal
government to help low-income families with affordable housing.
The potential outcomes, in this case, would be the development of a well-engaged community
that has clearly outlined goals that can help in improving the success of all the residents. The safe
and secure community will provide a way for other important community-based development
measures that promote the living standards of all members of the community.
Practitioner reflection
About Us – Englewood Portal. (n.d.). Retrieved March 22, 2018, from
Free ESL Classes in Chicago at International TEFL Academy. (n.d.). Retrieved from
Family & Support Services. (n.d.). Retrieved from
HSE 310 Final Project Guidelines and Rubric
The final project for this course is the creation of a family/community care plan and self-care plan.
As a human services practitioner, you could be in a position where you will be required to address the identified needs of families, communities, or both. In such
cases, you will need to assess the use of potential intervention models, develop strategies for addressing needs, and possibly assess the available appropriate
resources to assist these families in negotiating the complex system of organizations in their communities. In doing so, you will be exposed to many situations
that involve trauma, and thus prepare yourself by composing a self-care plan to ensure a lengthy career.
The summative assessment for this course will require you to analyze a case scenario using family and community systems assessment models (i.e., sociograms,
culturagrams, ecomaps, genograms, etc.). After analyzing the case, use the data derived to design family and community interventions, being sure to justify the
use for all parties involved. Finally, you will be required to create a brief reflection that will examine the potential personal and professional impact that situations
such as the one presented in the case scenarios may have on you as a practitioner. In addition, you will briefly identify your emerging self-care plan.
The overall objective of this assessment is to allow you to demonstrate your practice competencies and your enduring understanding of how family and
community systems operate and change. Predicated on the systems’ foundational principle that when one thing in a system changes, the entire system changes,
your completion of this assessment will allow you to craft a plan to create change that benefits the family and community in a dynamic way. Moreover, it will
allow you to reflect on and plan how to best maintain your wellness as you embark on your career in human services.
The project is divided into three milestones, which will be submitted at various points throughout the course to scaffold learning and ensure quality final
submissions. These milestones will be submitted in Modules Two, Three, and Five. The final submission will occur in Module Seven.
This assessment addresses the following course outcomes:

Differentiate between the various systemic intervention models used for addressing family and community needs
Evaluate the efficacy of systemic human services interventions for addressing identified family and community needs
Develop goals and evidence-based strategies for addressing identified family and community needs
Assess available resources for their ability to address family and community needs
Assess the impact of ethics, legal responsibilities and limitations, and case-specific needs for developing self-care plans
Case Scenario
Julio (age 33) and Quianna Riverez (age 30) live in Chicago, Illinois with their five children, ages one, three, four, seven, and 15. Both parents dropped out of high
school when Quianna became pregnant with their oldest child, Rico. Initially they lived with Quianna’s parents, later getting an apartment in the Englewood area
of the city, where they still currently reside. Right after they moved into their own residence, they were relieved to be on their own, in part due to the chronic
conflict between Julio and Quianna’s parents that continues to this day. A few weeks after moving to Englewood, they realized that the violence the
neighborhood was known for would make an indelible mark on each of their lives. Julio was shot in the chest when rival gang members fought for turf in front of
the family’s apartment. Although he survived, he was left with lingering health issues resulting from extensive scar tissue in his lungs. For her part, Quianna
continues to struggle with the emotional impact of Julio’s shooting. Both parents have seen plenty of violence in the vicinity of their home, yet they feel trapped
since there is no money for daily necessities, much less relocation. Their feelings of helplessness and fear have intensified since a shoot-out last week left three
dead, including a one-year-old infant in a stroller. The incident played out in front of the entire family as they were getting off a city bus. The family narrowly
missed being hit by gunfire themselves and had to spend several hours on the scene being interviewed by the police.
Julio’s family moved away from Chicago shortly after Rico’s birth. They have returned to the Miami, Florida area since it allows them to see the extended family
that immigrated to Miami from Cuba. They are estranged from Julio and Quianna because of the couple’s choice to not marry and their lack of participation in the
Catholic Church. Quianna’s family does continue to live in Chicago. Although they are accepting of the couple’s decision to not marry, they resent the fact that the
couple does not make an effort to attend family gatherings, and they wish that Quianna had married an African American man to maintain the family’s ethnic and
cultural heritage. Julio has great trouble being around Quianna’s family because he thinks they are controlling and they always share unrequested advice that he
does not wish to follow. For these reasons and others, the couple receives no social or financial support from either side of the family.
Julio currently works two part-time jobs; one is at a local diner where he is a cook, and the other is at a factory, where he works third shift as a maintenance
person. Quianna has always stayed home to raise the children. The couple’s finances are not adequate to pay for the necessities of life such as groceries, housing,
and utilities. In fact, their utilities were shut off at the beginning of April due to nonpayment. It is becoming increasingly frequent that Julio must walk to and
from work due to the family’s inability to pay the fees for public transportation. A major stressor for the couple is that Julio’s original language is Spanish and he
continues to struggle to communicate in English. When the couple experiences conflict, Julio often shuts down or leaves the residence due to his challenges in
expressing his thoughts and feelings. All of the couple’s children speak English exclusively and Julio feels that this limits his authority as a father.
Quianna reports that she is tired all the time and that she is left alone to deal with the children on her own. She reports that she has been particularly fatigued
since the birth of her youngest child, Cedric. Adding to her fatigue is her difficulty in sleeping that she attributes to nightmares related to Julio’s shooting years
ago, which has been compounded by the recent violence the family witnessed. According to her, all of the children are unruly and she reports not having the
energy to deal with them anymore. Quianna holds fond memories of her own childhood when she was intimately connected to and supported by her family. She
reminisces about their family gatherings and church-related activities. She wishes that she could provide a similar childhood for her children. She states that she
is very concerned about Rico, who has had several run-ins with the law because he repeatedly violates curfew and the police suspect that he is affiliated with a
local gang. Rico is often truant and is at high risk for being held back this year. For his part, Rico sees no value in completing high school. He thinks that trying to
complete high school is futile and imagines that he will follow in his parents’ footsteps and drop out of school eventually.
The Englewood neighborhood of Chicago is located on the city’s south side, approximately seven miles south of the Loop. While most of its residents are African
American, there has been an influx of diverse groups. At its height, Englewood had nearly …
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