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Solved by verified expert:hi i have uploaded 3 filesone is the assessment part 1 and the second file the word file is the solution of the that assessment . i have done that part one about the Mazoon power company in Sultanate of Omannow i need to get help to do the second file which is assessment part 2 for same company and same main information from part A assessmentplease read the tasks and follow up the instruction given . number of words 2000 words. use harverd style for refrences


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Expert answer:Project and Operations Management
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University of Bedfordshire Business School
Operations and Project Management
Assignment 1 Briefing
You will be required to undertake a case study and complete a case analysis report. This can
be based on operations of your current workplace or any other organisation known to you.
You need to discuss with your tutor to agree upon a suitable case / topic.
Assessment -1: Operations Management (40%)
Individual Report Submission
Assessment Title
Operations Management Report
Unit Title
Operations and Project Management
Unit Code
Assessment Weighting (%)
Issue Date
Tuesday Friday February 6th, 2018
Submission Deadline
Thursday March 22nd, 2018 @ 11:59hrs
Procedure for/where to submit
work (including file name
format for TurnItIn where
Expected Return Date
Description of
Assessment Task
Number of Credits
You MUST submit digital copy electronically on BREO Turn-it-in.
The following file naming format should be used for submission:
Assignment 1_Operations Strategy_ Student Name _Student ID
Two weeks after submission
You need to choose one global operations management case for your
individual report from companies such as Apple, Oman Air,
Samsung, Google or any company of your choice. You will discuss
this further with your tutor before finalising the topic. Critical
analysis of the case will help you to answer the following operations
management questions:
Identify three important Operation Management (OM)
decision areas (e.g. quality, inventory management,
layout or process design etc.) in your chosen case
company. Critically analyse the present activities of the
firm on the chosen OM decision areas and suggest ways
to improve performance (850 words).
Evaluate the strengths and weakness of the company in
such a way to show how both can be synergistically
exploited to improve the performance (400 words)
Note: Both introduction and conclusion should be a combined total
of no more than 250 words (10% +/-).
You will be required to undertake a case study and complete a case
analysis report. This can be based on operations of your current or
previous workplace or any other organisation known to you. You
need to discuss and confirm with your tutor to agree upon a suitable
case. The report will be 1500 words (10% +/-) in length (not
including references and appendices). It should include answers to
all the case questions (given above) and must make use of relevant
unit concepts on the aspect covered. Your first submission is the
Unit Learning Outcomes
Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge and critical appreciation of
Operations Management for various planning and decisions within
Effectively determine how Operations Management can support the
corporate strategic plan of an organisation, improve performance
and implement change to achieve competitive advantage.
MS Word
Resources/Support Available
Class discussion to clarify Assignment;
In-class review
Unit resources on BREO;
Assessment Criteria
See composition of marks for Assignment-1, overleaf.
Details of how feedback will
be provided
2Q and feedback given on-line through Turn-It-In and marked
assessment criteria marking grid.
Referral Assignment
Your referral assignment will require you to discuss and critically
analyse operations management issues and operations strategy based
on another organisation (discussed and confirmed by your tutor).
Composition of Marks for Assignment-1 (40%):
Analysis of 3
OM Decision
Areas & Ways
to Improve
Evaluation of
Strengths &
Weaknesses of
& Referencing
F (<35%) E (35-39%) D (40-49%) C (50-59%) B (60-69%) A (>=70%)
Very little or no evidence
of the ability to appreciate
the OM decision areas in
the case. Alternatively,
heavy reliance on large
chunks of the case.
No/very limited attempt
to use evidence to support
the arguments.
Unfounded ways to
improve performance.
Some attempt is made
to appreciate OM
decision areas in the
Arguments are
baseless and weak.
Dubious logic used to
suggest ways to
improve performance.
Attempted to critically
analyse 3 OM decision
areas but lacks
supporting evidence
from the literature and
practices of the case
The logical link
between OM areas and
improved performance
is satisfactory
Some evidence of
critical analysis of 3
OM decision areas,
supported by the
literature and /or OM
Some logical
recommendations to
A good critical analysis
of 3 OM decision areas
in the case, supported by
some evidence from the
literature to support the
Some sound
recommendations to
improve performance.
Comprehensive critical
analysis of 3 OM decision
areas in the case, supported
by strong evidence from the
literature, to support the
Sensible and logical,
recommendations to
improve performance.
Strengths and weaknesses
are described, with no
Strengths and
weaknesses are
described but
discussion lacks
breadth. The student
fails to demonstrate a
real understanding of
all the issues
Strengths and
weaknesses are
described but
discussion lacks
evidence. Discussion
narrow and possibly not
well argued or
Strengths and
weaknesses are
described An ability
to use ideas which are
easily accessible. No
evidence of a
student’s attempt to
go beyond the
obvious. Discussion
accurate but shallow.
A good understanding of
the strengths and
weaknesses of the case
considered, supported by
A comprehensive answer
that shows a sound
evaluation of the strengths
and weaknesses of the
company, supported by
evidences and appropriate
Poor/illogical structure.
Poor report presentation,
with poor grammar and
Referencing limited and
not in Harvard format.
Some structure is
evident but not
unsatisfactory or
grammar issues
affecting readability.
Significant errors in
Harvard References
Structure and
presentation of the
report is satisfactory.
Readability is
acceptable, though
some grammar.
Harvard reference
format used correctly,
referencing is limited.
Good report structure
and presentation.
Some referencing is
used to support
A good logical structure
is evident
Presentation of the report
and readability are very
Good references are used
to support the discussion.
A well-structured report,
where the arguments are
presented in a logical order.
Professional presentation
with excellent readability.
Wide range of high quality
references to support the
Mazoon Electricity Company
Student Name:
Professor’s Name:
Mazoon Electricity Company is an electricity company with a closed Omani joint stock
and is registered under Oman’s Commercial Companies Law. The primary role of the company
is to undertake regulated supply and distribution of electricity in South Al Batinah, Shargiya and
Dakiliya regions as per a license provided a regulation board in Oman known as Authority for
Electricity Regulation. The operation and establishment of Mazoon is guided by the provisions
of the country’s Law for Privatization and Regulation the water sector and Electricity. The three
main areas of decision making for operation management are quality management, location
strategy and maintenance (Al-Asaad, 2014).
The number of Mazoon’s Electricity Company annually increases at a rate of between 914% since 2014 and the regulated units being distributed and supplied to customers in the four
regions increased to about 6,705 GWh. Therefore, customer number growth and regulated units
being sold by the company, on average increases by 8.5% and 12.2% respectively on an annual
basis. In addition, on average, the company records a loss in the distribution system of about
10%. The main reason as to why this loss is recorded is the fact that during the summer, there are
normally many interruptions recorded (Al-Badi, Malik & Gastli, 2013).
Moreover, Mazoon Electricity Company has approximately six hundred employees and
the company has continuously maintained an Omanisation level of above 90% hence making
attempts to manage the expectations of its customers who are over three hundred and forty
thousand. However, it is worth noting that the company has been experiencing a lot of challenges
in managing the expectations of customers within the four regions of activity operation, yet it is
evident that Mazoon Electricity Company is firm in the commitment to ensure effective and
efficient service delivery for the customers. In the attempt to enhance its operation activities,
Mazoon Electricity Company has also joined in the implementation of a maturity model for
customer service and hence developed an implementation ’Blue print’. These projects mainly
include meter reading automation for high valued customers, system for manual meter reading,
and the implementation and development of ‘in-Housing’ activity for billing and billing system.
Quality Management
Improvements for Quality management at Mazoon Electricity Company is achieved
through the use of a well configured and designed Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
(SCADA) program which is located at a substation in Barka. The program enhances the controls
and monitoring levels within the electricity distribution network in all its licensed regions.
Moreover, the program to a larger extend assists in reducing unscheduled electrical outages and
There are several elements of quality management practiced at Mazoon Electricity
company. It is worth noting that all these elements as applied at Mazoon Electricity company
help in ensuring the basic quality of the company’s product is well managed. In this paper, we
will briefly address ten elements used at Mazoon Electricity Company for quality management
of their product. First, Mazoon Electricity Company has Quality management policy which is
used in planning and management of electric distribution and supply components. This is useful
in that it helps in supply and distribution regulation (Al-Badi, Malik, Al-Areimi & Al-Mamari,
Secondly, is a defined methodology for quality management which involves planning and
use of specific procedures during electricity supply and distribution. The third element is the
involvement of top management in the distribution and supply of electricity. The top
management supervises the supply and distribution process with the aim of enhancing quality
management. The role of the top management in the process involves objective setting, quality
planning and documenting. The fourth element at Mazoon Electricity company involves a
framework of quality activity which comprises of a support circle that ensures all company
employees participate in quality issue. The fifth element is use of recent innovations techniques
as tools for quality management in the company. These techniques include scientific techniques
applicable in distribution and supply and useful in problem solving.
The sixth element used at Mazoon Electricity company to enhance product quality
management is the use human oriented techniques. This involves the department of human
resources supporting the ability of employees in quality management. Another method used for
quality management and improvement is use team working. This involves a collaborative
working between team and employees in maintaining and creating quality product. The eighth
element use at Mazoon electricity company for quality management and improvement is use of
efficient methods of data analysis and collection within the company. This ensures that correct
and organized information is obtained so as to be used in the process of decision making by the
management. Moreover, the company has established a process of management for purposes of
ensuring quality is managed for the company’s product. This involves ensuring there is a good
improved, controlled and well-planned process from top management down to the operations
level of the company. Furthermore, Mazoon ensures quality management through controlling the
cost of their product so that their customers are satisfied. This involves continuously controlling
and reducing electricity cost with the adoption of new technologies and product designs so as to
improve the company (Rajasekar, 2014).
The strength of quality management at Mazoon electricity company is the fact it is an
automatic way of reducing unplanned electrical outrages and disruptions, low cost of electricity
and good staff-management relationship. On the other hand, weaknesses of the quality
management process are the fact it is centralized so that when the automatic system has a
problem all the regions of service are directly affected, small scope of licensed area and limited
amount of electric power.
Location strategy
Improvements for location strategy at Mazoon Electricity company involves enhancing
un-interrupted supply and distribution of electricity within the licensed areas through developing
communication, customer and environmental services, ensuring safety and health, asset
management and Human Resources. Mazoon Electricity Company has embraced digital
revolution on its four regions of operation thus upending their business. This is made possible
through establishment of reliable and trusted framework within South Al Batinah, Shargiya and
Dakiliya regions for quick generation and discovery of appropriate data-driven insights.
Therefore, with this location strategy, the company can unlock the full data potential to realize
profit growths, delighting customers and crush competitors.
The strength of location strategy at Mazoon Electricity Company lies with its ability to
ensure effective distribution of electricity across South Al Batinah, Shargiya and Dakiliya. The
weakness of the location strategy at Mazoon Electricity Company is the factor that the strategy is
expensive to implement.
Improvements for Maintenance at Mazoon Electricity company are initiated by the
operation and maintenance department. The department has it offices at the company
headquarter. The improvement for maintenance can be enhanced through employments of
knowledgeable staff and use of modern detectives to detect wastages and linkages on the
distribution systems.
Mazoon Electricity Company implemented a new strategy for predictive maintenance of
plant equipment’s which involves appropriate input development, computerization of a system
for maintaining appropriate inputs and overhauls on equipment monitoring so that the system is
no longer automatic. Therefore, if a machinery or equipment is operating within an optimum thus
and a process of overhaul is delayed for an appropriate. Technological diagnostic Up-to-date
system was installed by the company’s management. Furthermore, schedules are created for
analysis of periodic vibration, alignment of laser, ultrasonic, and equipment analysis of oil is
determined according to the criticality of the equipment. It is also worth noting that an
Emerson’s AMS Suite is generally used for purposes of obtaining predictive diagnostics for
several controllers of digital valve and field instruments. Personnel’s services for optimization of
assets so as to upgrade a program for maintenance through new capital equipment of
incorporation (Al-Badi, Malik & Gastli, 2013).
The strength of maintenance at Mazoon Electricity company lie on the fact that the
company have SCADA program for system monitoring. In addition, the power plant is known
for having a program for preventive maintenance that is well-developed according to the
recommendation of manufacturers as modified by plant personnel in the company who are very
experienced. Moreover, the company’s mechanical assets are normally overhauls after every
three years alongside periodic lubrication, visual checks and other form of routine maintenance.
However, the weakness maintenance at Mazoon Electricity Company lie on the fact the company
has an expensive maintenance system. In addition, the company performs overhauls without
regarding the equipment operation condition. As a result, this may result into damage for new
equipment that may not need an overhaul or extensive maintenance. It is worth noting that the
exercise is not only expensive but causes risk to equipment and machinery damaging (Rajasekar,
In conclusion, Mazoon Electricity Company should work on all levels so as to be able to
achieve the company’s strategic vision which focuses on foundation strengthening for
sustainable development in the process of realizing the company. Moreover, strengthening the
quality management, maintenance and location strategy will assist the company through its
vision of becoming a distinct leader in the sustainable, reliable and safe supply of electricity.
Furthermore, an effective operation management strategy comprising of an advanced
management strategy, a location strategy and a quality management plan will ensure
improvement in the reliability of electricity production plans, delayed or eliminated task for
preventive maintenance through practices of prediction and saving millions of dollars on an
annual basis thus reducing the number of overhauls scheduled.
Al-Asaad, H. K. (2014). Electricity power sector reform in the GCC region. The Electricity
Journal, 22(9), 58-64.
Al-Badi, A. H., Malik, A., & Gastli, A. (2013). Sustainable energy usage in Oman—
Opportunities and barriers. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 15(8), 37803788.
Al-Badi, A., Malik, A., Al-Areimi, K., & Al-Mamari, A. (2015). Power sector of Oman—Today
and tomorrow. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 13(8), 2192-2196.
Rajasekar, J. (2014). Factors affecting effective strategy implementation in a service industry: A
study of electricity distribution companies in the Sultanate of Oman. International
Journal of Business and Social Science, 5(9).
University of Bedfordshire Business School
Operations and Project Management
Assignment 2 Briefing (60%)
Project Plan Presentation
Assessment Title
Individual Project Plan
Unit Title
Project and Operations Management
Unit Code
Assessment Weighting (%)
Issue Date
Tuesday February 6th, 2018
Submission Deadline
Thursday May 3rd, 2018 @ 11:59hrs
Procedure for/where to submit
work (including file name
format for TurnItIn where
Description of
Assessment Task
Number of Credits
You MUST submit digital copy electronically on BREO Turn-it-in.
The following file naming format should be used for submission:
Assignment 2_Project Plan_Lead Student Name _Student ID
You will produce a project plan for a suitable project for your
work-place. If there is not much scope of developing a project
plan in relation to your work-place, you must agree a project
title of your choice and scope with your tutor. The Project Plan
will include the use of Project Management tools and
techniques studied and discussed in the class. You will need to
submit the project plan (maximum 2,000 words, apart from the
relevant appendices that you are required to illustrate!) with
clear indication of your contributions.
List of projects to be considered (only examples):

Educating/training business executives on the use of
‘decision making systems’ software.
Relocating a manufacturing facility of automobile company
from the India to Oman
Organising a blood …
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