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Solved by verified expert:Cases (from “Fundamentals of Selling” book”) * 1-2 page analysis of each case assigned * Effectively summarize case and provide solutions in a comprehensive and concise manner * Selected students may be asked to present case analysis/solution in class * Read each case carefully to write about: – Major important facts of the case – Main issues facing the sales professional/company – Solution: what sales professional should do and WHY – Describe relation between the case and course lectures and readings


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Chapter Seven
CASE 7.1
Canadian Equipment
Prospecting—The Lifeblood of Selling
You work for the Canadian Equipment Corporation selling office equipment. Imagine entering the lobby and reception room of a small manufacturing company. You
hand the receptionist your business card and ask to see the purchasing agent. “What
is this in reference to?” the secretary asks, as two other salespeople approach.
Which of the following alternatives would you use, and why?
a. Give a quick explanation of your equipment, ask whether the secretary has heard of
your company or used your equipment, and again ask to see the purchasing agent.
b. Say, “I would like to discuss our office equipment.”
c. Say, “I sell office equipment designed to save your company money and provide
greater efficiency. Companies like yours really like our products. Could you
help me get in to see your purchasing agent?”
d. Give a complete presentation and demonstration.
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Chapter Ten
CASE 10.1
The Thompson
Begin Your Presentation Strategically
Before making a cold call on the Thompson Company, you did some research on
the account. Barbara Thompson is both president and chief purchasing officer. In
this dual capacity, she often is so rushed that she is impatient with salespeople. She
is known for her habit of quickly turning down the salesperson and shutting off the
discussion by turning and walking away. In looking over Thompson’s operation, you
notice that the inefficient metal shelving she uses in her warehouse is starting to
collapse. Warehouse employees have attempted to remedy the situation by building
wooden shelves and reinforcing the weakened metal shelves with lumber. They also
have begun stacking boxes on the floor, requiring much more space.
You recognize the importance of getting off to a fast start with Thompson. You
must capture her attention and interest quickly or she may not talk with you.
Which of the following attention-getters would you choose?
1. Ms. Thompson, I’d like to show you how Hercules shelving can save you both
time and money.
2. Ms. Thompson, can you spare a few minutes of your time to talk about new
shelving for your warehouse?
3. Ms. Thompson, how would you like to double your storage space?
CASE 10.2
The Copy Corporation
Assume you are contacting the purchasing agent for office supplies of a large chain
of retail department stores. After hearing that the company is opening 10 new stores,
you determine that they will need a copier for each store. Three months earlier, you
had sold this purchasing agent a lease agreement on two large machines. The buyer
wanted to try your machines in the company’s new stores. If they liked them, you
would get the account. Unknown to you, one of the machines was broken, which
caused the purchasing agent to be pressured by a store manager to replace it immediately. As you walk into the purchasing agent’s office, you say:
Salesperson: I understand you are opening 10 new stores in the next six months.
Buyer: I don’t know who told you, but you seem to know!
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Part Three The Relationship Selling Process
Salesperson: If you’ll let me know when you want a copier at each store, I’ll
arrange for it to be there.
Buyer: Look, I don’t want any more of your lousy copiers! When the leases
expire, I want you here to pick them up, or I’ll throw them out in the street! I’ve
got a meeting now. I want to see you in three months.
1. Describe this situation, commenting on what the salesperson did correctly and
2. Develop another approach the salesperson could use to uncover the problems
experienced by the purchasing agent.
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9/28/10 11:07 AM
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Chapter Eleven
CASE 11.1
Dyno Electric Cart
Elements of a Great Sales Presentation
You plan a call-back on Conway Pride and the president of his company to sell them
several of your electric carts (see Exhibit 9.4 in Chapter 9). The company’s manufacturing plant covers some 200 acres, and you have sold up to 10 carts to many
companies smaller than this one. Since Pride allows you to meet with his company’s
president and maybe other executives, you know he is interested in your carts.
You are determined to make a spellbinding presentation of your product’s benefits using visual aids and a cart demonstration. Mr. Pride raised several objections
on your last presentation that may be restated by other executives. Your challenge is
to develop a dramatic, convincing presentation.
1. You plan to give a cart demonstration to show how effective it is in traveling around the plant. Which of the following is the best technique for the
a. Get Pride and the president involved by letting them drive the cart.
b. You drive, letting them ride so they will listen more carefully to you.
c. Leave a demonstrator and check back the next week to see how many they
will buy.
2. You also plan to use a 10-page visual presenter to guide them through your
benefit story. This selling aid is in a binder and contains photographs of your
cart in action, along with its various color options, guarantee, and testimonials.
Should you:
a. Get Pride to participate by letting him hold it?
b. Handle it yourself, allowing him to watch and listen while you turn the pages
and tell your story?
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Part Three The Relationship Selling Process
CASE 12.2
Electric Generator
Corporation (B)
George Wynn is a salesperson for EGC whose primary responsibility is to contact
engineers in charge of constructing commercial buildings. One such engineer is
Don Snyder, who is in charge of building the new Texas A&M College of Business
Administration facility. Don’s Houston-based engineering firm purchased three new
EGI portable generators for this project. George learned that Don’s company will
build four more buildings on the Texas A&M campus, and he felt that Don might buy
more machines.
Salesperson: Don, I understand you have three of our new model electric
Buyer: Yeah, you’re not kidding.
Salesperson: I’m sure you’ll need additional units on these new jobs.
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Chapter Twelve Welcome Your Prospect’s Objections
Buyer: Yeah, we sure will.
Salesperson: I’ve gone over the building’s proposed floor plans and put together
the type of products you need.
Buyer: They buy down in Houston; you need to see them!
Salesperson: I was just in there yesterday, and they said it was up to you.
Buyer: Well, I’m busy today.
Salesperson: Can I see you tomorrow?
Buyer: No need; I don’t want any more of your lousy generators!
Salesperson: What do you mean? That is our most modern design!
Buyer: Those so-called new fuses of yours are exploding after five minutes’ use.
The autotransformer starter won’t start. . . . Did you see the lights dim? That’s
another fuse blowing.
George Wynn feels pressured to sell the new EGI. Don Snyder’s business represents
an important sale both now and in the future. If you were George, what would you do?
1. Have EGC’s best engineer contact Don to explain the generator’s capabilities.
2. Come back after Don has cooled down.
3. Get Don to talk about problems and then solve them.
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10/8/10 11:21 AM
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Chapter Thirteen
CASE 13.1
Skaggs Omega
Closing Begins the Relationship
Skaggs Omega, a large chain of supermarkets, has mailed you an inquiry on hardware items. They want to know about your hammers, screwdrivers, and nails. On
arrival, you make a presentation to the purchasing agent, Linda Johnson. You state
that you had visited several of their stores. You discuss your revolving retail display, which contains an assortment of the three items Johnson had mentioned in her
inquiry, and relate the display’s advantages and features to benefits for Skaggs.
During your presentation, Johnson has listened but has said little and has not
given you any buying signals. However, it appears she is interested. She did not
object to your price nor did she raise any other objections.
You approach the end of the presentation, and it is time to close. Actually, you
have said everything you can think of.
1. What is the best way to ask Johnson for the order?
a. How do you like our products, Ms. Johnson?
b. What assortment do you prefer, the A or B assortment?
c. Can we go ahead with the order?
d. If you’ll just OK this order form, Ms. Johnson, we’ll have each of your stores
receive a display within two weeks.
2. Discuss the remaining alternatives from Question 1, ranking them from good to
bad, and state what would happen if a salesperson responded in that manner.
CASE 13.2
Central Hardware
fut29990_ch13_404-438.indd 435
Sam Gillespie, owner of Central Hardware Supply, was referred to you by a mutual
friend. Gillespie was thinking of dropping two of its product suppliers of homebuilding supplies. “The sale should be guaranteed,” your friend had stated.
10/8/10 11:57 AM
Confirming Pages
Part Three The Relationship Selling Process
Your friend’s information was correct and your presentation to Gillespie convinces you that he will benefit from buying from you. He comments as you conclude
the presentation: “Looks like your product will solve our problem. I’d like to think
this over, however. Could you call me tomorrow or the next day?”
1. The best way to handle this is to
a. Follow his suggestion.
b. Ignore his request and try a second close.
c. Probe further. You might ask: “The fact that you have to think this over suggests that I haven’t convinced you. Is there something I’ve omitted or failed
to satisfy you with?”
2. What would be your second and third choices? Why?
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10/8/10 11:57 AM
Confirming Pages
Chapter Fourteen
CASE 14.1
California Adhesives
Service and Follow-Up for Customer Retention
Marilyn Fowler recently became a sales representative for the California Adhesives
Corporation and covers the states of Oregon and Washington. After completing a
three-week training program, Marilyn was excited about the responsibility of reversing a downward sales trend in her territory, which had been without a salesperson for
several months.
The previous salesperson was fired due to poor sales performance and had not
left behind any information regarding accounts. After contacting her first 20 or so
customers, Marilyn came to a major conclusion: None of these customers had seen a
CAC salesperson for six to nine months; they had CAC merchandise, which was not
selling, and they had damaged merchandise to return. These customers were hostile
toward Marilyn because the previous salesperson had used high-pressure tactics to
force them to buy, and as one person said, “Your predecessor killed your sales in my
business. You said you would provide service and call on me regularly, but I don’t
care about service. In fact, it’s OK with me if I never see anyone from your company
again. Your competition’s products are much better than yours, and their salespeople
have been calling in this area for years trying to get my business.” Marilyn was wondering if she had gone to work for the right company.
1. If you were Marilyn, what would you do to improve the sales in your territory?
2. How long would your effort take to improve sales, and would you sell it to your
sales manager?
CASE 14.2
Sport Shoe
You are a salesperson for the Sport Shoe Corporation. At the office, there is a letter
marked urgent on your desk. This letter is from the athletic director of Ball State
University, and it pertains to the poor quality of basketball shoes that you sold to
him. The director cited several examples of split soles and poor overall quality as
his main complaints. In closing, he mentioned that since the season was nearing, he
would be forced to contact the ACME Sport Shoe Company if the situation could not
be rectified.
What actions would be appropriate for you? Why?
a. Place a call to the athletic director assuring him of your commitment to service. Promise to be at Ball State at his convenience to rectify the problem.
b. Go by the warehouse and take the athletic director a new shipment of shoes
and apologize for the delay and poor quality of the merchandise.
c. Write a letter to the athletic director assuring him that SSC sells only highquality shoes and that this type of problem rarely occurs. Assure him you’ll
come to his office as soon as possible, but if he feels ACME would be a better
choice than Sport Shoe he should contact them.
d. Don’t worry about the letter because the athletic director seems to have the
attitude that he can put pressure on you by threatening to switch companies.
Also, the loss in sales of 20 to 40 pairs of basketball shoes will be a drop in
the bucket compared to the valuable sales time you would waste on a small
account like Ball State.
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