solved: Compare and differentiation the struct and association catchphrases…


Compare and differentiation the struct and association catchphrases…Compare and differentiation the struct and association catchphrases in C, providing anillustration of a circumstance where it would be more proper to utilize an associationrather than a struct. [4 marks](c) Explain the accompanying C or C++ language ideas. You might find it supportive toutilize short code sections or outlines to show your response.(I) The virtual catchphrase used to qualify a C++ part work and itssway on produced code. [4 marks](ii) The job of the C preprocessor in the source-code gathering cycle, andwhy it is a helpful device for investigating. [4 marks](iii) Templated capacities in C++, giving one advantage and one downside of utilizingthem contrasted and involving a void* work in C. (a) Assuming that it is mapped to a square with texture co-ordinates from (0, 0) to(1, 1), sketch a picture of the procedural texture map generated by the followingJava code. Use textual annotations to indicate the colours of the various partsof the picture. [7 marks]Color BLUE = …; Color GREEN = …; Color WHITE = …;Color parametricTexture(double tu, double tv) {double r1 = 2 * Math.sqrt( (tu – 0.25) * (tu – 0.25)+ (tv – 0.5) * (tv – 0.5) );double r2 = 2 * Math.sqrt( (tu – 0.75) * (tu – 0.75)+ (tv – 0.5) * (tv – 0.5) );double f = f(r1) + f(r2);return (f > 0.45 && f < 0.55) ? WHITE :GREEN.times(f).plus(BLUE.times(1 - f));}private double f(double r) {if (0 <= r && r < 0.333) { return 1 - 3*r*r; }else if (0.333 <= r && r < 1) { return 1.5*(1-r)*(1-r); }else { return 0; }}(b) Write brief notes that explain the following.(i) Explain Perlin Noise, including how it differs from white noise. [3 marks](ii) Explain Barycentric Co-ordinates, including how they are calculated.Diagrams are encouraged. [3 marks](c) Given a ray R(t) = O + Dt and a unit sphere S, initially centred on the originand subsequently transformed by affine matrix M, where M represents thetransformation of the sphere from local to world coordinates:(i) state the centre of the sphere in local co-ordinates and in world co-ordinates;(ii) give an expression in terms of t for the local co-ordinates of the intersectionsbetween R and S;(iii) give an expression for the world co-ordinates of the same intersections; and(iv) give an expression for the world co-ordinates of the normal at thoseintersections. (a) Describe the differences in complexity and usage between parsimony anddistance phylogenetic methods. Give an example of the usage of both methods.[6 marks](b) Describe the differences in complexity and usage between hierarchical clusteringand the Markov clustering (MCL) algorithm. [5 marks](c) Explain how to identify different gene features using Hidden Markov Modelmethods such as Genescan. [5 marks](d) Explain how you could identify a regulatory network involving a set of genes.[4 mark (a) State the Fermat-Euler theorem, carefully defining any terms that you use.Deduce that 2p = 2 (mod p) for any prime p. [5 marks](b) Explain how this result can be used to show that a number is composite withoutactually finding a factor. Give an example. [3 marks](c) Let Mm = 2m -1 be the mth Mersenne number. Suppose that m is composite.Prove that Mm is composite. [3 marks](d) A composite number m that satisfies 2m = 2 (mod m) is known as apseudo-prime.(i) Suppose that m is prime. Prove that Mm is either prime or a pseudoprime. [3 marks](ii) Suppose that m is a pseudo-prime. Prove that Mm is a pseudo-prime.[3 marks](iii) Deduce that there are infinitely many pseudo-primes. (a) Give the two definitions of the complexity class NP, one using the term Turingmachine and one using the term verifier. [4 marks](b) For each of the following statements, state whether it is true, false or unknown.In each case, give justification for your answer. In particular, if the truthstatement is unknown, state any implications that might follow from it beingtrue or false. [2 marks each](i) 3SAT =P CLIQUE(ii) TSP ? P(iii) NL ? P(iv) PSPACE 6= NPSPACE(c) Let S = {0, 1}. Prove that Ø and {0, 1}* are the only languages in P which arenot complete for P with respect to polynomial-time reductions.    Image transcription text4-bit Parallel Binary Ripple Carry AdderCircuit : Subtractor Example Example 2: Obtain Sum and Cout w... Show more... Show more    Image transcription text23 FA CA Prelab Design a 2-bit binary ripple carry adder using theconfiguration described above. Derive its truth table, equationsand draw the logic diagram. Procedure Implement yo... Show more... Show more  Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyNetworking COMPUTER 2000

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solved: Compare and differentiation the struct and association catchphrases…
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