USING EXPONENTIAL LINEAR PYTHON NETWORKING REGRESSION FOR THE…USING EXPONENTIAL   LINEAR PYTHON NETWORKING REGRESSION FOR THE MATLAB SYNTAX HEREIN. Ensure that the SIMULATED NETWORK IS FIT TO THE GRAPH exponentially.This question involves the use of AGGREGATE linear PYTHOIN regression on the Auto data set. (a) Perform a simple linear regression with mpg as the response and horsepower as the predictor.Describe the null hypotheses to which the p-values given in Table 3.4 correspond. Explain what conclusions you can draw based on these p-values. Your explanation should be phrased in terms of sales, TV, radio, and newspaper, rather than in terms of the coefficients of the linear model. Mad Libs are activities that have a person provide various words, which are then used to  short story in unexpected (and hopefully funny) ways. a) Produce a scatterplot matrix which includes all of the variables in the data set. (b) Compute the matrix of correlations between the variables.(c) Perform a multiple linear regression with mpg as the response and all other variables except name as the predictors and print the results. Comment on the output. For instance:i. Is there a relationship between the predictors and the response?ii. Which predictors appear to have a statistically significant relationship to the response?iii. What does the coefficient for the year variable suggest?(d) Produce diagnostic plots of the linear regression fit. Comment on any problems you see with the fit. Do the residual plots suggest any unusually large outliers? Does the leverage plot identify any observations with unusually high leverage?(e) Fit linear regression models with interaction effects. ny interactions appear to be statistically significant?(f) Try a few different transformations of the variables, such as log(X), v X, X2. Comment on your findings.Opional15. This problem involves the Boston data set, which we saw in the lab for this chapter. We will now try to predict per capita crime rate using the other variables in this data set. In other words, per capita crime rate is the response, and the other variables are the predictors.(a) For each predictor, fit a simple linear regression model to predict the response. Describe your results. In which of the models is there a statistically significant association between the predictor and the response? Create some plots to back up your assertions.(b) Fit a multiple regression model to predict the response using all of the predictors. Describe your results. For which predictors can we reject the null hypothesis H0 : ßj = 0?(c) How  results from (a) compare to your results from (b)? plot displaying the univariate regression coefficients from (a) on the x-axis, and the multiple regression coefficients from (b) on the y-axis. That is, each predictor is displayed as a single point in the plot. Its coefficient in a simple linear regression model is shown on the x-axis, and its coefficient estimate in the multiple linear regression model is shown on the y-axis.(d) Is there evidence of non-linear association between any of the predictors and the response? To answer this question, for each predictor X, fit a model of the form  program that takes a string and integer as input, and outputs a sentence using those items as below. The program repeats until the input string is quit 0.the output is:Eating 5 apples a day keeps the doctor away. Eating 2 shoes a day keeps the doctor away.e: This is a lab from a previous chapter that now requires the use of a loop Threat Modeling Is a Core Element of the Microsoft Security Development Life cycle (SDL). As part of the design phase of the SDL, threat modeling allows software architects to identify and mitigate potential security issues early, when they are relatively easy and cost-effective to resolve.1)Communicate about the security design of their systems2)Analyze those designs for potential security issues using a proven methodology3)Suggest and manage mitigations for security issuesElevation of Privilege (EoP) Card Game:-Elevation of Privilege (EoP) is the easy way to get started threat modeling, which is a core component of the design phase in the Microsoft Security Development Life cycle(SDL). TheEoP card game helps clarify the details of threat modeling and examines possible threats to software and computer systems.The EoP game focuses on the following threats:SpoofingTamperingRepudiationInformation DisclosureDenial of ServiceElevation of PrivilegeEoP uses a simple point system that allows you to challenge other developers and become your opponent’s biggest threat.1)Spoofing (S):-SpooFng (S) is the First suit of threats in the STRIDE threat enumeration.Spoofing describes any threat that allows an attacker (or accidentally causes a user) to pretend to be someone or something else. Accordingly, the characters on the cards are masked individuals wearing crowns – unknown attackers, pretending to be royalty.2)Tampering (T):-Tampering is the second suit of threats in the STRIDE threat enumeration. Tampering describes any threat that allows an attacker (or accidentally causes a user) to alter or destroy data which the application has not allowed them to. Accordingly, the characters on the cards are green gremlins whose open mouths and sharp teeth could indicate either shouting or a desire to eat.3)Repudiation (R):- Repudiation Users may dispute transactions if there is insufficient auditing or record keeping of their activity. For example, if a user says, “But I didn’t transfer any money to this external account!”, and you cannot track his/her activities through the application, then it is extremely likely that the transaction will have to be written off as a loss.4)Information Disclosure (I):- Users are rightfully wary of submitting private details to a system. If it is possible for an attacker to publicly reveal user data at large, whether anonymously or as an authorized user, there will be an immediate loss of confidence and a substantial period of reputation loss. Therefore, applications must include strong controls to prevent user ID tampering and abuse, particularly if they use a single context to run the entire application.5)Denial of Service (D):- Application designers should be aware that their applications may be subject to a denial of service attack. Therefore, the use of expensive resources such as large files, complex calculations, heavy-duty searches, or long queries should be reserved for authenticated and authorized users, and not available to anonymous users.6)Elevation of Privilege (E):- If an application provides distinct user and administrative roles, then it is vital to ensure that the user cannot elevate his/her role to a higher privilege one. In particular, simply not displaying privileged role links is insufficient. Instead, all actions should be gated through an authorization matrix, to ensure that only the permitted roles can access privileged functionality. The Game consists of 84 Cards, 6suits, each based on letter of STRIDE:2-10, ACE, KING, QUEEN, JACK. High Card takes the trick unless someone has EOP cardEOP Cards trump all suits and takes the trick. I have selected the card ‘Q’ from spoofing. Card ‘Q’ is an attacker could go after the way credentials are updated or recovered (account recovery doesn’t require disclosing the old password). Elevation of Privilege act as proofs that there is interesting work to be done in helping non-experts approach security. (LAB 2) Varied amount of input dataStatistics are often calculated with varying amounts of input data. program that takes any number of non-negative integers as input, and outputs the average and max. A negative integer ends the input and is not included in the statisticsEx: When the input is:15 20 0 5 -1output is:You can assume that at least one non-negative integer is input.(LAB 3) Checker for integer stringForms often allow a user to enter an integer.program that takes in a string representing an integer as input, and outputs yes if every character is a digit 0-9.Ex: If the input is:(LAB 4) Remove spacesrogram that removes all spaces from the given input. Ex: If the input is: Image transcription textNUP Data Storage HDimnight Data AnalyticalAnalytics Sources and INUP Data Storereporting Cognitive Real time me… Show more… Show moreImage transcription textEvolution of NLPTHEHEUH… Show more  Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyNetworking FSCI LEVEL 3

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