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Link : Assignment:…Link : Assignment: Short reflection about the book analysis we completed today. The key to reflection is that it has to involve YOU! In writing it, you should consider the following questions: 1. What did I learn about myself as a result of discussing the book?2. What aspects of the book most deeply affected me? Why3. What aspects of the book are most relevant to me and to my life? Why?4. If there wasn’t anything in the book that touched me or seemed relevant, why wasn’t there?5. Did I gain any new insights in discussing the book?6. What new issues do I want to consider as a result of today’s book?7. Did anything I experienced in discussing the book change the way I see myself? Others? What is Sociopath? A sociopath is an individual who has no sense of remorse and does not have a conscience. }Does not care about others and lacks empathy.}Is unable to bond with others.}Gets a rush from activities where he/she “wins,” but the rush quickly passes.}Has to engage in more and more risky behaviors to alleviate the boredom.  Has a need for constant stimulation.}Sociopaths cannot love, do not have higher values and are amoral.}They are known to be callous.}Their main goal is to control those around them for their own purposes.}Sociopathy is not correctable.Affects about 4% of the American populationA person has APD if they have at least  of the following characteristics:1.Failure to conform to social norms. (Manipulativeness)2.Deceitfulness, manipulative3.Impulsivity4.Irritability, aggressiveness5.Reckless disregard for the safety of self or others6.Consistent irresponsibilityLack of remorseHow does a person become a sociopath?}There is some indication sociopathic tendencies are inherited.}However, there are some cultures where sociopathic behavior is minimal, perhaps because of strong societal/family controls and intellectual grasp of the interrelatedness of all living things.  E.g., Japan, China, Taiwan}A person might not be born with sociopathic tendencies but are shaped by negative societal issues into being sociopathic.   Example:   child abuse, attachment disorder for infantsDefinition of Conscience}Conscience is our sense of responsibility to each other.}There is present restraint based on emotional attachments to others.}It causes us to become better people and have the ability to love unselfishly.}Our conscience is greatly impacted by ability to engage in moral reasoning.What is your response when you read about the following}Pictures of children in war-torn countries, such as Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan.}News stories where violent crime has occurred against innocent individuals.}Recent situations where hedge fund managers have stolen clients’ life savings, leaving them with nothing to live on.Enemies of Conscience}Dehumanizing people into “things” or enemies. E.g., Timothy McVeigh}People or situations are seen as impediments to a perpetrator’s desires.  E.g., EnronA person was brought up with a lack of good moral foundation Milgram experiment }Experiment put the value of not harming a helpless person in opposition to a person’s desire to obey authority.}Dr. Milgram had subjects who were being ordered by a person in a lab coat to apply shocks to another person in a different room.}The “shockees” were not actually harmed but would yell when “shocked.”}The “shocks” started off being very minor and escalated to life-threatening shocks.}Milgram found that the average “good” person could be desensitized into giving the shocks.  Once they became comfortable with giving a little pain to another, they could then be convinced to ultimately giving a deadly shock.}If the person ordering looked like they had authority (e.g., special expertise, lab coat), then the subject would be more likely to obey than receiving orders from a peer or someone who did not look authoritative (62.5% v. 20%).}Most people will do what they are told as long as they perceive that the command comes from a legitimate authority.}Authority can put conscience to sleep because the obedient person makes an “adjustment of thought,” which is to see themselves as NOT responsible for his/her own actions.}Person attributes to the authority all responsibility and initiative.  No longer has to act morally for his/her own accord.Thirteen Rules for Dealing with Sociopaths1.Accept that some people have no conscience.2.Go with your instincts instead of relying on the person’s position in determining their role/authority.3.Practice the rule of Threes4.Question authority5. Suspect flattery6.Redefine your definition of respect.  Fear is not the same thing as respect.7.Do not join in the sociopath’s game.8.Have no contact or communication with a sociopath.  They cannot be rehabilitated.9.Question your tendency to pity.10.Do not try to redeem the unredeemable.  They don’t really want to be helped.11.Never agree to help a sociopath conceal his or her true character.  You don’t owe them anything.12.Defend your psyche.Living well is the best revenge Typical reactions to a sociopathA normal” person when confronted with a sociopath may react in the following ways:}Fear}Suspension of reality}Think they are imagining things}Think that they are responsible for the sociopath’s behaviorHow do sociopaths “keep us in line?”Sociopaths want to “win” (e.g. control other and the situation) at all costs.}Charm}Convincing other to engage in risky behavior disguised as “spontaneity.”}Use of authoritative role (e.g. doctor or boss)}Use of benevolent/insightful behavior to cover up bad behavior.Keeping us in line (cont’d)}Use our “good” behavior against us. E.g. Ted Bundy luring victims with a fake broken leg, or call to employees to keep the company together.}Threats/manipulation/control which leads to a person losing faith in his/her own perceptions.}Good people always question themselves whether they are right, and they are reluctant to cause impact to the sociopath if they are not completely sure.}                                         LawSocial ScienceTax law ACCT 5200

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solved: Link : Assignment:…
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