solved: Provide a screenshot of your execution and explain your output in…


Provide a screenshot of your execution and explain your output in…Provide a screenshot of your execution and explain your output in simple terms. Draw the figure of various leveled structure for complex article you made and use a progyric diagram for your final answer46149568-4257525.jpeg USE AKKA JAVA FRAMEWORK 1. Make 3 Akka Actor classes call “Producer”, “Supervisor” and “Worker”. The “Creator” will make 1000 erratic long number numbers some place in the scope of 10000 and 100000. 2. The “Creator” will send each number as a message to “Chief”. At fire up, the Supervisor will make 10 “Trained professional” Actors. When the “Chief” gets a number from the “Creator”, it will use the API forward() to propel that message to one of the “Subject matter expert” performers, in a helpful plan. 3.The “Trained professional” performer will conclude whether the number in the message is a unified number. In case it is a resolute number, it will send a string/text to the “Creator”, saying that “The number XXX is a unified number.” And the Producer will print out the message on the standard outcome. Right when the 1000 numbers have been conveyed and checked, the “Producer” performer will end the Actor system Try to answer the request using a comparable design referred to underneath eg like using AbstractActor,createReceive I really want answer for main,supervisor,worker,producer clases. The reaction should be in code totally for each class as shown under. Use Akka Java not Scala THe code makes them miss parts in chief class and creator class ,essential class is missing OTHER SOLUTIONS ARE ACCEPTABLE BUT SHOULD USE Akka JAVA FRAMEWORK AND USE AbstractActor, Receive createReceive AND SHOULD CREATE 3 ACTORS Producer , Suprvisor AND Worker AND THE Main class////Producer pack com.example; import java.util.Random; import; import; import; import akka.event.Logging; import; import akka.event.LoggingAdapter; public class Producer widens AbstractActor { LoggingAdapter log = Logging.getLogger(getContext().getSystem(), this); public static props() { return Props.create(Producer.class, Producer::new); } @Override public Receive createReceive() { return receiveBuilder() .match(Integer.class, this::onInteger) .match(String.class, this::onString) .manufacture(); }Obligatory capacities:bool beginSearch(const char* filename)Opens the datafile. In the event that fruitful it will print Birthdate search program and returns genuine any other way it will print Data document “filename goes here” not found! furthermore, get back bogus;bool readBirthDate(int month)Peruses the birth records matching the month. In the event that no less than one record is coordinated and perused, turns valid, generally bogusvoid sort()Sorts the records in light of the time of birth in plummeting request.void displayBirthdays()Shows the found records as shown in the execution test.void deallocate()Delivers all the powerfully apportioned memory.void endSearch()Settles the program by ensuring all assets are delivered and shut and afterward prints: Birthdate Search Program Closed.the association is publicizing. Karen keeps up with that this summary ought to in like manner be shown uniformly on the page. Forlist things inside the ul part with the id topics,a style rule to: a) show the things asblocks with a width of 20%, b) float the things on the left edge, and c) set the size of the leftedge space to 0% and the right edge space to 1.5%.12. Karen keeps up with that the focuses summary ought to be well away from the left and right edges of the page body. In thesame region, c conclude that sets the size of the left edge of the main thing in a really long time once-over to7.75% and sets the right edge of the last thing to 7.75%.13. In a comparable portion, ca conclude that shows the image inside every once-over thing in the focuses list asa block with a width of half and centered inside the once-over thing block. (Reply: Set the left and rightedges to auto.)14. Go to the HR Styles fragment. The hr part is used to show an even divider betweenregion of the page. Add a style conclude that sets the width of the hr part to half.15. Go to the Customer Comment Styles region. In this portion, you will make style rules for theclient comments showed near the lower part of the page. For the ul part with the idcomments, a style conclude that sets the width to 75% and centers the part by setting thetop/base edge to 40 pixels and the left/right edge to auto.16. Karen accepts the overview things ought to appear in two fragments on the page. In a comparable fragment, cstyle rule for every summary thing in the comments list that: a) shows the thing as a block with a widthof half floated on the left and b) sets the size of the base edge to 30 pixels.17. Every client comment is joined by an image of the student. Karen needs thesepictures displayed aside of the comment. style rule to show the image insideeach comment list thing as a block with a width of 20%, floated on the left, and with a left/rightedge of 5%.18. a style rule for each segment settled inside a client list thing that floats thesection on the left edge with a width of 70%.19. Go to the Footer Styles region anda style conclude that shows the footer right when bothedges are clear of floating articles.20. Save your movements to the archive and a short time later open the sp_home.html record in your program. Actually take a look at thatthe plan and presence of the page parts seem to be that shown in Figure 3-66.Shipping Efficiency QueryYou will an inquiry to compute the quantity of days between the date a request was put in and the date the request was delivered for each request. The consequence of your work will be a rundown of orders that required over 30 days to send. The salesmen will be expected to survey the records and report the wellspring of the postponement for each request. The CEO feels there might be issues with one of the transportation organizations, and would like information to back that up.aery utilizing Query Design. From the Customers table, incorporate the fields CompanyName, ContactName, ContactTitle, and Phone. From the Orders table, incorporate the fields OrderID, OrderDate, and ShippedDate.b.Run the question and analyze the records. Save the question as Shipping Efficiency.c.Add a determined field named DaysToShip to compute the quantity of days taken to take care of each request. (Answer: The articulation will incorporate the OrderDate and the ShippedDate; the outcomes won’t contain negative numbers.)d.Run the question and inspect the outcomes. Does the information in the DaysToShip handle look exact? Save the inquiry.e.Add measures to restrict the inquiry results to incorporate just requests that required over 30 days to transport.f.Add the Quantity field from the Order Details table and the ProductName field from the Products table to the question. Sort the question by rising OrderID. At the point when the agents contact these clients, these two fields will give valuable data about the orders.g.Add the inscription Days to Ship to the DaysToShip field. Change to Datasheet view to see the outcomes. Change segment widths as the need should arise.h.Save and close the inquiry.Request Summary QueryThe CEO is thinking about the monetary effect of limits. She requested a question showing the worker name, number of requests they have taken, and the complete markdown sum they have given clients. She desires to check whether there is a relationship between’s the rebate offered and the quantity of deals.a.uery utilizing Query Design and add the Orders, Order Details, Products, and Customers tables. Add the fields OrderID and OrderDate from the Orders table. Set the two fields’ Total line to Group By.b.Add a determined field in the third segment. Name the field ExtendedAmount. This field ought to increase the amount requested (from the Order Details table) by the unit cost for that thing (from the Products table). This will compute the aggregate sum for each request. Design the determined field as Currency and change the subtitle to Total Dollars. Change the Total line to Sum.c.Add a determined field in the fourth section. Name the field DiscountAmount. The field ought to duplicate the amount requested, the unit cost for that thing, and the markdown field (from the Customers table). This will ascertain the all out markdown for each request. Design the determined field as Currency and add an inscription of Discount Amt. Change the Total line to Sum.d.Run the question. Inspect the outcomes. Most clients ought to have a markdown of 10% of the complete dollars, yet a few clients will have no rebate. Save the inquiry as Order Summary. Get back to Design view.e.Add rules to the OrderDate field so just orders made between 1/1/2016 and 12/31/2016 are shown. Change the Total column to Where. This articulation will show just requests that were set in 2016.Software designing geniuses properlgate the QRS segment and widths, tackle as set below:open the sp_home_txt.html and sp_layout_txt.css records from the html03 > case1 envelope. Enter your name and the date in the remark segment of each document, and save them as sp_home.html and sp_layout.css separately.2. Go to the sp_home.html record in your manager. Inside the archive head, make connects to the sp_base.css, sp_styles.css, and sp_layout.css template records. Concentrate on the substance and design of the record and afterward save your progressions to the archive.3. Go to the sp_layout.css record in your supervisor. Go to the Window and Body Styles area. style rule for the html component that sets the level of the program window at 100 percent.4. style rule for the page body that sets the width to 95% of the program window goingfrom 640 pixels up to 960 pixels. Evenly focus the page body inside the program window.At long last, Karen needs to guarantee that the level of the page body is dependably in some measure as high as theprogram window itself. Set the base level of the program window to 100 rule to apply the Border Box model to all header, ul, nav, li, and a components inthe record.6. Go to the Row Styles area. Karen has put all components that ought to be treated as framework linesin the column class. For each component of the rStep one is to launch the Group Policy Management Console.2. Give the newly created Group Policy Object a suitable name and save it.3. Make necessary changes to the Group Policy Object.4. Go to the User Configuration menu, then choose Policies, then Administrative Templates, and then Desktop.5. Right-click the “Remove Recycle Bin icon from desktop” option and then click it twice.6. Choose “Enabled,” then click the “OK” button.7. To disable access to the recycle bin, right-click the option and choose “Prevent access.”8. Choose “Enabled” and then click the “OK” button.9. Connect the Group Policy Object to the organizational unit that is home to the users for whom you want to disable access to the Recycle Bin and its capabilities.   The first thing you need to do is launch the Group Policy Management Console. Group Policy Object and give it a suitable name in the second step. Editing the Group Policy Object is the third step. Step 4: After selecting User Configuration from the left-hand navigation menu, go to Policies > Administrative Templates > Desktop. Step 5: Select “Remove Recycle Bin icon from desktop” with a double click of the mouse. Step 6: Choose “Enabled,” then click the “OK” button. Step 7: Select “Prevent access to the Recycle Bin” with a double click of the mouse. Step 8: Choose “Enabled,” then click the “OK” button.This policy option determines whether or not the icon representing the recycle bin is shown on the desktop. Users will not be able to access the Recycle Bin from their desktops if you choose to activate this policy option. Users will be able to go to the Recycle Bin directly from their desktops if you deactivate this policy option.Launching the Group Policy Management Console should be the first thing you do. The next step is to generate a new Group Policy Object and give it a suitable name. Navigate to User Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Desktop, and then edit the Group Policy Object. Perform a double click on the option labeled “Remove Recycle Bin icon from desktop,” then choose the “Enabled” radio button, and then click the “OK” button. After that, press “OK” after double-clicking on “Prevent access to the Recycle Bin,” and then selecting “Enabled.” In the last step, you will need to attach the Group Policy Object to the organizational unit that is home to the users whose access and functionality to the Recycle Bin you will be removing.
Launch the Group Policy Management Console, make a new Group Policy Object (GPO), give it a suitable name, and proceed to modify your new GPO after it has been created. Proceed to User Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Desktop after you have reached this point. To get rid of the recycle bin icon on your desktop, double-click the link that says “Remove.” Choose “Enabled,” and then click the “OK” button. Now, give the option to “Prevent access to the Recycle Bin” a double click. Choose “Enabled,” and then click the “OK” button. Finally, connect the GPO that you generated to the selected OU that will get these adjustments when they have been applied.Right-click the icon of the Recycle Bin, then pick “Properties” from the context menu that appears. This will remove the icon from your desktop permanently. Click “Show Windows desktop icons” under Tasks, and then click “OK” to confirm your action. Go to the Control Panel and choose the Folder Options menu item to disable access to the Recycle Bin. Choose “View” from the menu on the left, then de-check the box next to “Display recycle bin on the desktop.” Users have the option of using the Recycle Bin to quickly and easily restore inadvertently deleted data. On the other hand, some businesses believe that this function poses a security threat; hence, it could be a good idea to stop the Recycle Bin icon from displaying on the desktop and stop users from having access to the Recycle Bin folder completely.The two centers of this network are Apollo and Zeus. Apollo has the MAC address 00:00:0c:07:ac:01, while Zeus has the MAC address 00:00:0c:07:ac:02.Apollo hosts the DHCP server, which assigns IP addresses in the range to, Zeus, and DHCP are all on the same subnet on your network. 00:00:0c:07:ac:01 is Apollo’s MAC address, while 00:00:0c:07:ac:02 is Zeus’. The MAC address of the DHCP server will be different, but you may find it in the settings of your router or gateway. MAC address of Apollo: 00:00:0c:07:ac:01MAC address of Zeus: 00:00:0c:07:ac:02MAC address of DHCP: 00:00:0c:29:3e:01 Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyNetworking

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